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Hello to new reader akeikokitsune!

Hangin' in. Less exhausted.

Is off to school again. She's trying to feel normal. *hugs the kidlet*

Link Soup
* Boston Symphony Orchestra tickets $20 for people under 40!
* Drawing Down the Moon: The Art of Charles Vess online!
* Wheel of Stars makes music from the sky.

Daily Science
In recent years scientists have made synthetic versions of key parts of the cell, such as chromosomes and ribosomes. Now researchers have developed the first working artificial prototype of an “organ” of a human cell—the Golgi apparatus.

Friday Memage
Wearing: Black polka-dot pajamas.
Reading: This is Not a Game by Walter Jon Williams, The Invention of Air by Steven Johnson.
Writing: I've been off the tracks this week, but understandably so. Perhaps I will get back on track later today.
Knitting: Still the sari-silk scarf for Elayna on the train; still the Noro Kureyon shawl at home (more pics to come soon). I'm knitting a shawl for a five-foot wingspan on two-foot needles, which might work if it was laceweight, but it is not, so I am in rather dire need of longer circular needles; any locals have a longer set of 8s I could borrow?
Planning: fiddle_dragon is here, and will soon be introduced to Boondock Saints. When she takes off, I'll probably have the day I planned to have yesterday, before I was derailed my crashing out.
Tomorrow there are two parties, one walking distance away and one not; anyone going to the Wexs' from my neck of the woods?
Sunday is Code Monkey: The Musical. Join us!
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