Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Oh for crying out loud, y'all.

So there is apparently a brouhaha going on of Feminist Response to this XKCD strip:

Read posts here and here, the latter featuring the offended "The punchline of the strip is — haha! — the chick wanted it all along! She’s aching for some sweet sweet cock! If only men hadn’t been so paralyzed by feminist talk about rape culture and personal respect, she’d get hit on by more men, which is exactly what she wants on the train!"

And I am like "Um. What?"

Do you guys see stuff to get worked up about in this strip? Because I totally don't. And I'm moved to post this not just because I'm not offended, but because these blogs, which I ordinarily like, so do not speak for me!

I'm shy, when it comes to initiating conversations with strangers when I don't have a social buffer. This includes cute geeky strangers o trains. I actually would like it if someone someone said "Cute netbook!" at me. (Also because this would mean I'd have a netbook. I'd like that.) I love meeting people. I love talking to new people. Even if it's just the length of a train ride. I like it when people comment on my Schrodinger's Cat shirt or my knitting.

I certainly wouldn't view it as harassment. o.O

That second post also cites Jonathan Coulton's "Skullcrusher Mountain" as " favorite Nice Guy TM lament of all time, as well as the perfect cap to a post about geeks and rape and entitlement: Jonathan Coulton’s great song, “Skullcrusher Mountain,” about a mad scientist “in love.”"


Skullcrusher Mountain? What?

Um. The whole mad scientist thing? The point is he's crazy, okay? And that his creepiness is explicitly not a good thing. The poster seems to be missing the point completely.

Also Shakesville today was all up in SNL's face over Saturday's episode for including a Polanski reference, among other things, and I'm like "we can't even say his name now?" The particular thing was a quick shot at the tail end of a Game Show Network skit, saying "Next up: Celebrity Press Your Luck with Roman Polanski!", which actually got a laugh out of me and Adam. Because it's slamming him, not supporting him.

Why can't the blogosphere tell the difference? Is Mercury back in retrograde or something?

Anyway. I'm looking at this whole "speaking to people on the train = harassment" and "Skullcrusher Mountain = rapey" and "slamming rape culture on a comedy show = bad" and I am thinking "Y'all need to chill out, seriously."

If you see me on the train tonight, feel free to say hi.
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