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Hello to new reader queenlyzard!

Well, the prednisone worked for almost a week. *sigh* I have a dermatologist appointment Thursday morning. I may call my allergist in the interim, and I'll see if my primary-care doc can get me in for the anti-sm and anti-dsDNA bloodwork. If he will. I know it should be my rheumatologist doing it, but I can't see him for another month.

Also, I am really freaking tired from last week + the Zyrtec I had to take yesterday. Yesterday was a pajama day. Today's a slow-starting day, but I was dancing to Lady Sovereign just now, so clearly I have more energy.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Surprise! You get Wind Tunnel Dreams this week. Because I'm broke, and the APR on my credit card more than doubled, making it unusable. I'm trying to resolve that, but in the meantime, have a story. This is one that's greatly expanded from its previous flashfic incarnation... it differs from the usual WTD because it's prewritten. I need to save the actual writing energy for Places You Haunt and the two short stories I'm poking at.

Places You Haunt
Apparently has two POV characters, not one. Which explains why it wasn't working the way it needed to with just Sara or just Doodle. Okay then.

Burned through the first skein of Noro Kureyon on the shawl from Thursday afternoon-yesterday. I think it will take three? It vexes me when people on Ravelry don't put how much yarn they used. The ones I'm seeing are mostly 2 for a shawlette/shoulderette and 4 for a big shawl, but I'm shorter than most anyone and therefore have a correspondingly smaller wingspan. So I think three. We'll see. It's very scrunched up on the (24" circular) needles, and I am debating the merits of getting a longer circular needle for this and future shawl projects. Because, y'know, 5-foot wingspan, 2-foot needles, and this ain't laceweight.

The Gojirawitzes on TV
Adam and I are for serious going to write a sci-fi show just called "Corridor". It'll be like House of Leaves plus everything set on a spaceship ever. The theme song will be "5 1/2 Minute Hallway" by Poe.

Also, Lady Gaga shocked us on SNL, by doing about the only thing she could've done that I'd find actually surprising: she got normal. And sang. And played an instrument. Well. We were all stunned.

Unrelated save for reference to Adam
Adam is my penguin. (And later this month is our five-year anniversary!)

Daily Science
Death by light: Nanoparticles as agents for the photodynamic killing of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Daily BPAL
Hellboy: Aftershave, candy wrappers, brimstone, and cat.
In bottle: Pretty much just aftershave.
On me: Yep. Bit of a darker thing underneath, but overall meh.

Kroenen: Shining black leather, gleaming metal, labdanum, and myrrh.
In bottle: Ooooh. Resins + leather.
On me: Dark and yum. I like.

Post WTD. Go for a walk. Write. I have a BARCC meeting tonight about the Clothesline Project; a few of the other volunteers and I are going to take over managing it for the purposes of increasing its use and awesomeness.

This week is much better than last week, because I only have one or two things gong on outside the house on any given day, and I am keeping it that way.
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