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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Odin's Day 
30th-Sep-2009 08:44 am
Hello to new reader bkdelong and returning reader voltbang!

Hangin' in.

I cannot get the hang of the stitch markers. I need a grownup. For now I'm freestyling this shawl. Hope it works. If not, must sit down with knitter friends. *nods*

I'm not mad at you
I got an e-mail this morning from someone I adore, who thought I was mad at her because I had not answered e-mails. I reassured her that I wasn't. And then I thought "crap, what if other people think that?"

So. if you have a concern, comment of nudge me in e-mail. But trust me that if I was mad at you? You'd know. That's something I address with a promptness. I just need to get back on track with the e-mail re: non-emergency things. This week is... yeah.

But if I haven't said "We have a problem," there is no need to worry, I promise. I am sorry I've been slack on the communication front.

Oi, Boston locals!
The Winter's Tale. I'm available for the Saturday night show. Anyone?

Link Soup
* One more Polanski link.
* And one more reason to never listen to Amanda Palmer. Let's play "spot the problem"! (EDIT: No, I am not calling for a boycott/shunning. I'm just saying that I personally am not going to be giving her my money. Which I wasn't going to be doing anyway. So.)
* aaronace is open for commissions!
* Oooh, shiny - Roomba art.
* Awesome! Disney parks are giving certified volunteers a free day pass! Let's go to Disney World!

Daily Science
By greatly amplifying one photon from an entangled photon pair, physicists have theoretically shown that human eyes can be used as detectors to observe quantum effects. Usually, detecting quantum phenomena requires sensitive photon detectors or similar technology, keeping the quantum world far removed from our everyday experience. By showing that it’s possible to perform quantum optics experiments with human eyes as detectors, the physicists can bring quantum phenomena closer to the macroscopic level and to everyday life.

Daily Blooddrop
Oona Swindlehurst, The Womb: Baskets of blackberries and apples, maple sugar, vanillaed pumpkin, creeping English ivy, smoky vetiver and patchouli.
In bottle: Blackberry! Then ivy and pumpkin. Om nom nom.
On me: Appleivy and vetiver. Still yum.

Libertine Oona Swindlehurst-Toussaint, The Time Seer, Granddaughter of The Womb: a playfully dark blend of pumpkin sweets, vanilla cookies, caramel apples, sweetened milk, aged ginger, nutmeg and molasses.
In bottle: Smells like baking!
On me: Smells very much like baking! Baking makes a happy 'song. This is an autumn kitchen.

I go fight crime! I'm doing a BARCC workshop on consent this late morning/afternoon. Then I come home and bake cookies for auction-winner persis (keren_s, who won a lot of things, is delaying her shipment), and deliver them at Open Parlor Night tonight. Which is a good excuse to actually get to OPN, which I really would like to do more often.
(Deleted comment)
30th-Sep-2009 12:57 pm (UTC)
Read the last sentence of Palmer's post.
(Deleted comment)
30th-Sep-2009 01:10 pm (UTC)
I guessed, before I saw it, what the problem with Amanda Palmer was.

How the hell do we make an impact on the use of the word?

Free admission - I'm a dumb ass who has used the word inappropriately in the past.
It took actually talking to you, and others, who volunteer in the field, to break me of that.

But how the hell do we break the culture of it?
I commented on the boingboing about it, saying she had me until she used that word.

And, fuck, I still like some of her music, and still think she's hot.
30th-Sep-2009 01:34 pm (UTC)
Only way I can think of is to keep pointing it out when we see it...

I like some of the original acts she copied her material from. She should at least make an attempt at filing the serial numbers off, though.
30th-Sep-2009 01:12 pm (UTC)
What is it you don't get about stitch markers?
30th-Sep-2009 01:24 pm (UTC)
I keep knitting around them somehow, ending up with an extra stitch.
30th-Sep-2009 01:17 pm (UTC)
I actually like her music. And if I judged everyone on how they used that word, I wonder how many people I'd have to shun.

I get your issue here. Probably more than you'll ever realize. But I don't agree that it's a reason to do a wholesale shunning of her.
30th-Sep-2009 01:25 pm (UTC)
Oh, I'm not calling for a shunning. I don't like her work anyway, so I wasn't going to buy her albums in the first place. Was just pointing out that she's yet another idiot using that turn of phrase.
30th-Sep-2009 01:17 pm (UTC)
Stitch markers thwart me too. *commiserates*
30th-Sep-2009 01:21 pm (UTC)
I just feel compelled to point out that I read Amanda Palmer, somehow got mixed up with Amanda Woodward, and thought "Why on earth would anyone ever listen to someone from Melrose Place?"
30th-Sep-2009 01:25 pm (UTC)
I fail to spot the problem in the Amanda Palmer link and in fact found myself nodding a lot. So what was your problem with it?
30th-Sep-2009 01:26 pm (UTC)
Her last sentence. (The rest of it was sense-making, yes.)
30th-Sep-2009 01:32 pm (UTC)
Kinda missed it the first time, since I'm sore and still exhausted (after sleeping 20 hours WTH?????) from my period. But you're totally right; that's a very inappropriate way to use the word "rape."

Still, the rest of her post was awesome, I thought. But it does totally suck that she said that.
30th-Sep-2009 01:36 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I agreed with the gist of her statement. It's just that she capped it off with that.
30th-Sep-2009 02:03 pm (UTC)
Oh and something happier: Do you still have that decant of this year's Pumpkin II (seeing your blooddrop review reminded me)? I didn't buy the pumpkins really after 2007 when I realized I hate food smells, but since that one is so rosy, wanna swap for it?
30th-Sep-2009 02:05 pm (UTC)
30th-Sep-2009 02:09 pm (UTC)
To be honest, I kind of like Amanda, even though I don't own any of her music. YMMV as to the quality and originality of her music, but I think it's awesome that she's trying to carve out a career without record companies and maintain her artistic vision. The direct-to-fan things is the same idea of what you do, 'Song.

One time, a record exec told her to lose some weight, because "I know what guys like, Amanda". (Asshole apparently doesn't know what Neil Gaiman likes.) Anyway, this started a Rebellyon on her blog, where fans sent in pictures of their bellies. I will always love her for this, if nothing else.

She should not have used that word that way, but perhaps all she needs is a little education, 'Song-style.
30th-Sep-2009 02:12 pm (UTC)
The rebellyon I liked.
30th-Sep-2009 02:34 pm (UTC)
No Hell hare?
No Devil's Orchard??
October 31st is right around the corner, ya know !!
30th-Sep-2009 02:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the plug 'Song!
30th-Sep-2009 02:40 pm (UTC)
One of these days, I'll decide on a commission!
30th-Sep-2009 03:40 pm (UTC)
Out of curiosity, do you have the same objection to the expression "fucked" (implied to be non-consensual), e.g. "Chase Bank is fucking me with their 30% APR"; "I'm getting fucked again by my insurance provider"?

Edited to change my terminology, because I don't believe that problematic phrasing is "your problem."

Edited at 2009-09-30 03:48 pm (UTC)
1st-Oct-2009 09:54 pm (UTC)
That's a really interesting point. Really, really interesting, and the more I think about it, the more interesting it gets.

I regret that I am not now at a point where i can put my mulling into words- but thanks. :)
30th-Sep-2009 10:07 pm (UTC)
I'm back!

My LJ friend circle hasn't been growing for a while. Everyone is sitting on facebook saying nothing, so I am making an effort to find new peoples and encourage more contact with human beings and stuff. And then a friend pointed me at one of your posts, which reminded me that I could look at some people that I didn't have time to keep up with back when I had a huge friends list and everyone was talking. So, Hi!

Amanda who? Sometimes I feel so out of it with missed cultural references.

Edited at 2009-09-30 10:09 pm (UTC)
1st-Oct-2009 11:52 pm (UTC)
I feel kind of awkward around that particular criticism (of Amanda Palmer), because she has also suffered trauma, and has chosen to speak about it in a drastically different way than you do.

I agree that's a problematic usage. On the other hand, she's made a public statement, about some of her songs such as Oasis, to the effect of "Some things, one has to laugh about, or be wrecked". And I personally don't want to dismiss either her speech or yours. Everyone survives differently.
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