Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Hello to new reader bkdelong and returning reader voltbang!

Hangin' in.

I cannot get the hang of the stitch markers. I need a grownup. For now I'm freestyling this shawl. Hope it works. If not, must sit down with knitter friends. *nods*

I'm not mad at you
I got an e-mail this morning from someone I adore, who thought I was mad at her because I had not answered e-mails. I reassured her that I wasn't. And then I thought "crap, what if other people think that?"

So. if you have a concern, comment of nudge me in e-mail. But trust me that if I was mad at you? You'd know. That's something I address with a promptness. I just need to get back on track with the e-mail re: non-emergency things. This week is... yeah.

But if I haven't said "We have a problem," there is no need to worry, I promise. I am sorry I've been slack on the communication front.

Oi, Boston locals!
The Winter's Tale. I'm available for the Saturday night show. Anyone?

Link Soup
* One more Polanski link.
* And one more reason to never listen to Amanda Palmer. Let's play "spot the problem"! (EDIT: No, I am not calling for a boycott/shunning. I'm just saying that I personally am not going to be giving her my money. Which I wasn't going to be doing anyway. So.)
* aaronace is open for commissions!
* Oooh, shiny - Roomba art.
* Awesome! Disney parks are giving certified volunteers a free day pass! Let's go to Disney World!

Daily Science
By greatly amplifying one photon from an entangled photon pair, physicists have theoretically shown that human eyes can be used as detectors to observe quantum effects. Usually, detecting quantum phenomena requires sensitive photon detectors or similar technology, keeping the quantum world far removed from our everyday experience. By showing that it’s possible to perform quantum optics experiments with human eyes as detectors, the physicists can bring quantum phenomena closer to the macroscopic level and to everyday life.

Daily Blooddrop
Oona Swindlehurst, The Womb: Baskets of blackberries and apples, maple sugar, vanillaed pumpkin, creeping English ivy, smoky vetiver and patchouli.
In bottle: Blackberry! Then ivy and pumpkin. Om nom nom.
On me: Appleivy and vetiver. Still yum.

Libertine Oona Swindlehurst-Toussaint, The Time Seer, Granddaughter of The Womb: a playfully dark blend of pumpkin sweets, vanilla cookies, caramel apples, sweetened milk, aged ginger, nutmeg and molasses.
In bottle: Smells like baking!
On me: Smells very much like baking! Baking makes a happy 'song. This is an autumn kitchen.

I go fight crime! I'm doing a BARCC workshop on consent this late morning/afternoon. Then I come home and bake cookies for auction-winner persis (keren_s, who won a lot of things, is delaying her shipment), and deliver them at Open Parlor Night tonight. Which is a good excuse to actually get to OPN, which I really would like to do more often.
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