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Happy birthday to sionainn!

Prednisone worked! No hives yesterday. Took the full three days, and I was perpetually exhausted, but clearly it was worth it. Phew.

My schedule for this week is made of crazy. I am telling you. When I'm looking at a week and saying "Well, I could probably squeak half an hour of writing in there," it's crazy. I have BARCC engagements every day except Tuesday. I'm baking and delivering cookies Wednesday. Lunch with a friend Thursday, dinner with another friend Friday. Next week is a cakewalk by comparison.

I did say I wanted to get out more, but I meant in a date-y way!

IAF Auctions
Did everyone get the address?

Words Needed
swashbucklr: "Is there a word for the sensation of wanting to say something but not knowing what to say? I suspect it would be German, possibly French."

cbpotts: "This isn't schadenfreude, exactly. But there must be a word for not giving people what they really want, and entirely too much of what they claim they want."

A Bit of Beauty
I love love love this. So much love.

Link Soup
* Sequel to Dr. Horrible!
* Bad Hebrew tattoos.
* Oooh, pretty.
* Post of the day.

Daily BPAL
Sachs: A sensual scent, compelling and passionate, that stays close to the skin: Roman chamomile, bourbon vanilla, and smoky vanilla bean.
In bottle: The slight weediness of chamomile. Vanilla lurks beneath.
On me: Hm. It's almost sage-y. Oh, wait, no, there's the bourbon vanilla. We got a morpher...

Violens: Rugged and understated: five sandalwoods, dusty leather, and light musk.
In bottle: More sandalwood/musk than leather.
On me: Just a *hint* of leather. Grr. I want leather!

Daily Science
A brief guide to DNA sequencing.

Seeing as this is one of only two days I have the bulk of the day at home - and Adam's home, too, so writing's out - today is all about the house stuff! Tonight's a BARCC meeting.
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