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Happy birthday to coffeeinhell, pierceheart, and rhiannonhero!

Happy early birthday to greektoomey, jmspencer, and fubar!

Popped the first prednisone last night. So far my reaction to it seems to be alternating power surges and drained batteries. No crazy or overemotional (yet).

A Favor
Please learn the power of "maybe". Because the concert upfuckery is only the latest in a string of people cancelling things on me. If you know it's a maybe, please tell me it's a maybe and not a definite yes, so I can make backup plans. (In this case, I also thought my ticket was taken care of; it wasn't. So no concerts for me on Saturday.)

So Yesterday
Was stressful on so many levels. As I put it that night, "I really needed a smooth day, and I got a rough one." The survivor speech went fine, though; I think the key to getting less tied up in knots over it is to do it more often.

Oi, Bostonians!
Rifftrax encore! Anyone else going? Which theater?

Quote of the Day
"I realized everyone has their own, very personal and private map of where they live. If a million people populate a city, then there are one million different maps. Whether it's a city or a small town, there are precise sites and ‘x marks these spots’ all over it that are important or sacred or yes, sometimes crushing-- but only to you and occasionally the others who shared that experience with you. Although everyone has their own map, they rarely overlap because what matters to me, what I remember about the importance of those places in my life, usually means little to you and vice versa. Only after you’ve been with someone a long time are your maps similar. Even so, there remain places the people in our lives, even intimates, will never know the significance of to us: the park bench where you were kissed, a bar where he wept, the café with the huge windows that serves the great bagels, even those airport exit doors you watched so intensely while waiting for them to arrive that miraculous December night... The rest of the planet will pass these locations without a glance or a thought. But whenever *you* pass them you think there it is-- that one is fixed forever on the map of me."
--Jonathan Carroll

Link Soup
* The Interfictions Online Annex is up! A new story every week until the release of the anthology. You do have to buy the anthology to get my story. And you should. It's Adam's favorite.
* Vandy Beth was fired for being trasgendered. She's fighting back.
* People living in the drains and tunnels beneath Las Vegas.
* Watertown now has a nemesis. Oh Arlington you did not just do that. It's on.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Not to be outdone by the moon, Mars says "Hey! I've got water too!"
* Astronomers have witnessed odd behavior around a young star. Something, perhaps another star or a planet, appears to be pushing a clump of planet-forming material around. The observations, made with NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, offer a rare look into the early stages of planet formation.
* Dude! Vaccine helps prevent AIDS infection. One step closer.

Daily BPAL
Countess Dolingen of Gratz: Hailstone-pounded cypress boughs, olibanum, and an ozone blast of lightning.
In bottle: That is *all* the lightning note. Very Szepasszony.
On me: Yep. Eh.

Mircalla, Countess Karnstein: Languid, melancholy fire: red musk, purple orchid, frankincense, smoky vanilla, Styrian herbs, peru balsam, tonka, Zanzibar clove, and patchouli.
In bottle: Musky juicy spicy.
On me: Lovely and dark. Individual notes don't jostle; this blends into rich dark musky spice. Mmm. May end up on the bottle wishlist.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Sihnon Companion Academy shirt and denim shorts; about to go for the walk I really needed yesterday.
Reading: The Magicians by Lev Grossman, and Wastelands, edited by John Joseph Adams.
Writing: "Between", and teasing out the story of "Maxfield Parrish Blue(s)", which is still more of a setting than a story.
Knitting: A sari-silk scarf for Elayna, same pattern as my wrap, which she loves. And I want to restart the shawl, but with Noro Kureyon instead of sock yarn, so it'll go faster; I can futz around with sock yarn after I'm sure I have my technique down.
Today: I'm leaving today a bit open due to prednisone. Will do what I can. Tonight, we are actually all home! So we'll get to watch Glee and Heroes.
Tomorrow: Town Faire! Elayna's presenting stuff with her robotics team. <3 From there, she's off to babysit. And me? Well. Not a concert. :( Probably a movie with Adam. Suspiria's playing at the Brattle. If not that, Zombieland.
Sunday: No plans whatsoever. I'll probably help Elayna get her desk organized, and we can haul out the Halloween decorations.

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