Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Strangely alert, despite being up til midnight. My body is obliging me by getting hivey - I have the allergist appointment today. I do have photographs of particularly picturesque outbreaks, since they tend to occur at night. Just have to not treat them and not take an antihistamine. *twitch* At least my appointment is at 10am, not 4pm, y'know?

Wind Tunnel Dreams
The winner of the Wyrding Studios Red Riding Hood pendant is fireriven/talkstowolves! Congrats, and enjoy! And thank you, sponsors, all of you!

My plans for the KMFDM concert Saturday night fell through. Anyone else going? Anyone going to the Jonathan Coulton concert?

Another Question
ogre_san needs to know how to say "She won't wait" in Japanese. I know one of you can help him.

Treats! for Tits!
In case you missed the announcement yesterday. treatsfortits, baked goods to raise money for taura_g's Breast Cancer 3-Day. My pumpkin chocolate chip cookies have multiple bidders, but my molasses ginger cookies are forlorn and bidless! Oh noes! Why? Does the sheer number of cookies frighten you? You can invite your friends over and share. Trust me. You will om nom nom all of these cookies. Tasty, spicy, and addictive.

Link Soup
* Improv Everywhere does a Subway yearbook.
* What happened to Max in Where the Wild Things Are when he grew up? Click here to find out!
* Interview with the McManus brothers.
* Twitter trends + Google Maps = you seeing what people are talking about in your area.

Daily Science
Oliver Sacks TED talk!

Daily BPAL
A note about decant circles: I buy all of my BPAL decants through bookandbroom, who is awesome. She has never screwed up on of my orders, she makes nifty labels, her communication is top-notch, and she gives lots of goodies. So if you were looking for a recommendation, there you have it.
Pumpkin III: Pumpkin, fir needle, pitch, rosemary, and tomato.
In bottle: A pumpkin patch in the forest.
On me: Wow, the fir really leaps up to throttle you. And the tomato. Now it's Christmas at an Italian restaurant.

Pumpkin IV: Pumpkin, black musk, tobacco, myrrh, and clove.
In bottle: Mmmmm. Rich thick resins.
On me: Pumpkin lurks beneath the musky resins. This is yum.

Well. Allergist! Then my long-put-off Target run. Later this afternoon - after her robotics club meeting! - Elayna and I are grabbing some mother/daughter wandering time around Harvard Square. I predict stops at Woolcott & Co for me, Tokyo Kid for her, and Lush for both of us, and dinner at Wagamama.
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