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I write letters.

Dear Bust Magazine,

I was dismayed to see the following on your Twitter today: "dont know about you but i'm getting a little tired of geting raped by my insurance company, lets demand a public option!"

Aside from the heinous grammar, I find the rape-jokiness of this very offensive. Whoever's doing your tweets should know better. I expect this sort of thing from Tucker Max, not from a feminist magazine.

The following post may help to educate the person doing your tweets:

I know I'm probably not directing this to the right people; I hope that you'll see that it gets to the appropriate people at Bust. These were the only e-mail addresses I could find at the site. And I apologize for not being more articulate, but frankly, I'm still upset by this complete lapse of taste. Oh, I've got a sense of humor. And I agree with the need for a public option, and have lots of problems with our health insurance system. But I fail to see how high co-pays and red tape are analogous to sexual assault.

I'd like a response, if possible. I see a lot of value in Bust, and don't want to jump straight to cancelling my subscription if the staff as a whole agrees with me that rape jokes are uncool. I hope that it's just the person doing your tweets that finds this hilarious - and that you'll find someone else. Because this stuff does not speak well of Bust.

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