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Special appeal for Bostonians

On November 4th, BARCC will hold their Champions for Change Gala, one of their biggest fundraisers.

Yes, I know most of you can't afford a ticket ($150). I will never have a date to this thing. *laugh* (Volunteers get in free.)

But a lot of you work for prominent Boston and Boston-area companies. So what I'm asking is twofold:

* Does your company make/provide/do anything they'd like to donate to our silent auction?
* Would your company like to be a corporate sponsor?

If you think the answer to either of these questions might possibly be yes or even maybe, please send that link to whoever in your company is in charge of this sort of thing! I remind you that BARCC lost a big chunk of funding this year, thanks to the general economic downturn... anything you can do here would be a big help. BARCC is a tremendous and wonderful resource that Boston can be very proud of. Boston companies, please get involved!
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