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Tew's Day!

Hangin' in.

Dear Locals
I'll be participating in a bake sale to help taura_g reach her fundraising goal for the Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day. What are you most interested in? Molasses ginger cookies? Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies? Cookie gyoza? Chocolate bourbon cake? Something entirely different?

Nonlocals and people who inexplicably do not like baked goods can sponsor her directly here!

Dear Atlantans
At a hearing for the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA) before a U.S. House of Representatives committee, Lambda Legal client Vandy Beth Glenn will provide testimony about why the federal government must act to end workplace discrimination among the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Lambda Legal represents Glenn in a case against Georgia legislative officials after they fired her because she is transgender."

Go support her or take her out to dinner later if you're able. And go Vandy Beth go!

Dear Washingtonians
Vixy and Tony, with violinist Sunnie Larsen, will be playing the Sereniversary shindig at Wayward Coffeehouse in Greenwood this coming Saturday. You should go. And hug them for me. *decisive nod*

Dear People who Care What's on our TiVo
Here you go. (Note that Adam's crap threshold is different from mine; several of the things Adam's fretting about fitting in are things that I would watch only if you paid me and let me MST3K all the way through. I'm lookin' at you, Patricia Arquette, with your blank looks and mumbly delivery.)

Link Soup
* The aliens do not want our gravel.
* Spider-Man lizard!
* Ways to spruce up stalled Boston building projects.
* Excellent article about BPAL and comics and everything. I recommend that you read it even if you're not a BPAL junkie, if only for the first two paragraphs of Beth's first answer.
* I may actually use this fiction generator. :)

Daily Science
NASA scientists are marveling over the extent of ruffles and dust clouds revealed in the rings of Saturn during the planet's equinox last month. Scientists once thought the rings were almost completely flat, but new images reveal the heights of some newly discovered bumps in the rings are as high as the Rocky Mountains. NASA released the images Monday.

Daily BPAL
Pumpkin I: Pumpkin, almond, brown musk, and honey.
In bottle: Mmm, tastylicious. I want to make a pumpkin/honey dessert now...
on me: Continues to be yum, but the almond is muscling its way to the front. I'll hope it settles down.

Pumpkin II: Pumpkin, rosewood, red sandalwood, and tea rose.
In bottle: Nothin' but rose. Okay, wait, a little aftersmell of pumpkin.
On me: The usual BPAL rose reaction: drugstore gramma perfume. But with pumpkin. My nose is confused and distressed. (Why did I get a decant of it when rose is evil on me? I got the complete set to get a tester of Tattie Bogle.)

Shower off this rose. Also I need to make today a getting-things-done day; I had a productive morning and early afternoon yesterday, but slept through most of the afternoon, alas. So. E-mail backlog, 'round-the-house stuff, Arisia Lit Track planning, and writing triage. I hope to get to Diesel. It'll depend how I feel about my progress.

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