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I love my daughter, and my husband, and my boyfriend; I love my chosen family, and my friends. I love my cats.

I love my hair, and I love my glasses.

I love really good food and red wine. I love dancing. I love hot baths in the winter and swimming in the summer. I love firm touch. I love complex scents (I love BPAL and Droplettes and all of those). I love my height, or lack thereof.

I love storytelling.

I love working with BARCC. I love that my volunteer coordinator says "I imagine you’re like the CEO of a vast network of human compassion."

I love Boston. And Chicago and New Orleans and trains, and I love that bits of Home are scattered everywhere.

I love it when people appreciate my oversized laugh. I love Blogathon. I love big deep books. I love creative people.

I love everyone who is innovatively bringing joy into this world. I love everyone who is kind.

I love singing, even though it's not one of my skills. I love walking. I love noticing little hidden things in all sorts of places. I love hugs and lapsitting.

I love Halloween because we are all kids again, and I love Thanksgiving because it fills my house to overflowing with happy people.

I love shiny things and tactilely-pleasant things - jewelry and yarn and silk and velvet.

I love this world.

(Your turn.)
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