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Doctor's-office phone calls.

"Hi, my daughter's a patient; we need X prescription."
"Still at Y pharmacy?"

"Hi, I need to make an appointment."
"Okay, we're booking in December."
"...okay, but I am in September, and it is sort of urgent."
"Is it an emergency?"
"We could do November."
*deep breath* "My skin is peeling off of me and it itches and it hurts, a lot. Pain. Suffering. Is there a cancellation list I can get on?"
"Well, if it's an emergency, we could do midOctober."

(Am I not understanding the word "urgent" properly? Or is it them? I'm not happy with this dermatologist anyway, as teh itchening has never shown much of an improvement. But I am desperate.)

"Hi, I need to make an appointment."
"Want to come in this week?"
"...yes. Yes, that would be excellent. Thank you."

I will not bore you with more, save that my rheumatologist can't see me til the last week of October (but as long as he'll call in my Celebrex refill, I'm fine with that), and my neurologist could see me either in ten minutes or early November - but that's just a checkup and I'm fine holding off on it, and they stressed that if I had any sort of pressing matter, I could call and they'd work me in. So okay.

I want a new dermatologist, though. Here's hoping that the allergist manages to fix that situation...

I hate telephones and I hate doctor's-office bureaucratic bullshit. So I get a cookie, dammit.
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