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Happy birthday to tewok!

Hello to new readers crackedemulsion, shysylph, sqwook, and unico_love!

Staying out til 3 is now possible, but it is still not advisable; I dragged my way through yesterday. *yawn*

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Yay, you guys! We made the money! gwynraven has her ticket! *throws confetti* Thank you so, so much; it would not have been Thanksgiving without her. She'll do the drawing later today for the Red Riding Hood pendant.

Finished my second sari-silk wrap, and I've modified the pattern to make a scarf for Elayna. Benefit of scarves? They = train knitting. Much more portable. I'm going to give that triangular shawl another shot here at home. Also I need to learn to make hats - I want to make Elayna the devil hat from Stitch & Bitch, to wear to football games. Her school color is red, and it's getting chilly...

My Week
I actually have only one BARCC gig this week. And it's an evening gig. So I have big open days. It is the perfect week to actually get stuff done. Will I do what I should? We'll see. I need to re-establish the writing habit. I've got things to *do*, you know.

SRSLY, Scotch tasting Tuesday or Wednesday - anyone interested?

I will be following Enter the Haggis for a few shows: Burlington, VT on 11/19, Londonderry, NH on 11/20, and Natick, MA on 11/21. Would love company!

Link Soup
* More about rape in comics - but this time, about female perpetrators and male survivors, and how we Don't Talk About That.
* Kyth did an update on Saturday. Pirate rummage sale!
* Oooh, hey. When I die, I want to be pencils! Then I can be distributed to all my friends, and you can write wonderful things with me.

Daily BPAL
Lambs-Wool: A popular holy day beverage in 18th century Ireland: roasted apples mashed into warmed milk and ale, with nutmeg, sugar, ginger, and clove.
In bottle: Apple apple apple with the slightest touch of spice.
On me: Still quite heavy on the apple, but it gets complex and layered. Almost vanilla-y, too. Lovely. Autumn kitchen.

Pomona: Azaroles, nuts, and apple blossoms with red apple pulp, mulberry, blackberry, and pomegranate juice.
In bottle: Apple apple apple with a hit of pomegranate and a twist of berry.
On me: The tangier berries jump out and say OH HAI! Then the pomegranate sidles up and says oh hai, and waggles its behind. Why, Ms. Pomegranate, I do declare!

Daily Science
Quantum motor?

Today all the damn doctor calls need to happen. *grump* Plus a trip to Target and/or the mall, as I'm definitely down a jean size and into a size I have no jeans in, and it's definitely jeans weather. Also must triage and prioritize writing projects. *nod* And take care of the Backlog of Everything caused by the last two weeks of zipping around all crazybusy.
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