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Happy birthday to sihaya09!

Happy early birthday to photognome and charlesatan, who advance a year over the weekend!

Still doing mostly well, save for the continuing oh hai hives. Been getting more exercise lately, which is a win for pain levels.

High School Football
Costs $6 per ticket! I don't think we'll be going to many games. Elayna had fun, though, pretty much ignoring the game and talking to friends except when she was actually playing. The band's game repertoire includes "Zoot Suit Riot"!

Link Soup
* Download the first 67 pages of murnkay's book!
* Ever wonder what the Lorem Ipsum text actually means?
* Kermit denies dating Lady Gaga.
* Dan Brown's 20 worst sentences.
* "The Ballad of Barry Allen".
* WiFi dowsing rod.

Daily Science
Using magnetism to turn drugs on and off.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Green pajamas. Yes, still. I slept in.
Reading: Bleak History by John Shirley and And Then There's This: How Stories Live and Die in Viral Culture by Bill Wasik.
Writing: WTD, and debating whether to continue it another week; we've only raised half of what we need...
Planning: This is feste_sylvain's birthday weekend, and so I spend it with him. Much of it in bed. :) But also we're going to Yarr! Talk Like a Pirate Day cabaret tomorrow, and I'm going to RiverSing on Sunday.

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