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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to volta!

Ugh. Ran out of Lunesta a day early, and so got very little sleep - and I have a big out-of-the-house day today.

Unrelated to anything
I'm certain that the people I fantasize about have no idea that I fantasize about them.

More about rape, in Spidey and otherwise
* io9 picks up on the story.
* "Only rapists can prevent rape".
* "Sexual assault prevention tips guaranteed to work!"

A few other notes:
* It is awesome that we are able to have this great in-depth conversation about rape and sexual assault without anyone saying "it's just a comic book." Because yes, this example is just a comic book, but it highlights some problems in our culture that are very worth talking about.
* It is awesome that most of the comments on this on other blogs are good ones.
* It is awesome that I was at BARCC last night talking about freakin' Spider-Man.

Link Soup
* Muppets and Gnosticism.
* Is is just me, or is Lady Gaga dressed like the Heat Miser? When Eminem seems concerned about your sanity, you maybe want to take a look at your life.
* I kinda want an action figure of me.
* Hey, locals - Talk Like a Pirate Day cabaret!

Daily Science
Long before Venus became a hot, dry and barren planet with a choking mass of carbon dioxide for an atmosphere, it might have once been home to shifting continents and an ocean of water, according to the latest data from a European space probe.

Using infrared images of the planet's southern hemisphere taken in 2006 and 2007 from the Venus Express probe, German astronomers say they have produced a map that reveals the planet's highland plateaus were likely once ancient continents surrounded by water.

I have a few posts to make... then a lunch not-a-date, and time-killing before Diesel.
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