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Happy belated birthday to fastfwd, tinhuviel, wired_lizard, and xoder!

Happy birthday to bunny_sonatas!

Happy early birthday to malver, who advances a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader briarspell and returning reader the_elfster!

Pain levels at a 7 yesterday; I spent much of the afternoon/evening on the couch/hobbling. A bit better today, but I think skipping the morning walk is the better part of valor.

So Wednesday and yesterday pretty much beat me up and took my lunch money. I have much introspection to do on the topic and how I ended up doing this to myself. But not right now.

Link Soup
* Flash Fiction Online editor reveals homophobia. That's all right, FFO can keep sucking and this bi writer will keep selling her flash to Hugo-Award-winning Electric Velocipede.
* James Gunn is writing and directing another superhero movie! You remember him from The Specials. If not, come over and watch The Specials.
* Sihaya Designs autumn update!
* Pigeons faster than DSL.
* Fiber-arts geeks: Archeologists have uncovered a veritable tangle of ancient flax fibers in a cave in the Republic of Georgia. The find consists of tiny bits of flax fibers that had been spun—and in some cases dyed—by Upper Paleolithic hunters who occupied the cave intermittently beginning some 32,000 years ago.
* Music-specific printable speakers.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Apparently one can cultivate stem cells from adult human fat cells.
* Also one can magnetically levitate mice.
* And microbiology is beautiful.

Friday Memage
Wearing: Green leaf-patterned pajamas.
Reading: I just finished Desolation Road, and I've yet to decide what I'm reading next.
Writing Not a damn thing this week; I think I need to get some short stuff out before I can focus on PYH without feeling guilty. Well. I have been writing poetry, but not the publishable stuff, so my guilt is not allayed.
Planning: Today, I must try to do everything I was supposed to to this week and didn't. This evening, Elayna's playing "Amazing Grace" and "The Star-Spangled Banner" at a 9/11 memorial, so I have to go to that; later there's a BARCC colleague's birthday party, which I'll likely attend if my colleague isn't going to be the only person I know there.
Saturday, felisdemens and we_happy_few arrive! And I have to figure out a way to get Elayna to the Voyagers Teen Event.
Sunday, another of my BARCC colleagues has a concert I'd like to get to, but it's in Worcester. Anyone with a car interested?
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