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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to gothwalk!

Hello to new reader dqg_neal!

Ugh. Am doing the waking-up-at-4am thing again; this is two days in a row. Which means I lose a chunk of my day to napping. Fie, I tell you. Fie.

Places You Haunt
My problem for the moment is a classic me problem: I know everything about this story except how to begin it. The previous beginning worked well, but that was with Sara's POV, and it relied upon her knowing nothing about the people who'd just returned and why Doodle was reacting the way he did: it set up the mystery for her. With Doodle's POV, that scene doesn't work. Not without setting up his world significantly more beforehand, showing the status quo that's being destroyed by that return. But do I want to spend an intro on minutaie? No, not really; that's not going to grab you, is it?

I'll figure something out. And hopefully I'll figure it out today.

Oi, Vermonters!
nex0s is selling her late father's possessions to raise money for his cremation. Need an electrical wheelchair, HDTV, or freestanding AC unit? Click over here and give her a hand.

Oi, Bostonians!
I am intrigued by this. Anyone want to go with?

So yesterday? My computer shut itself off just randomly, not even when it was meant to be sleeping. I now have no confidence that it will make it to Chanukah. Meaning that, since I am jobless and therefore can't get credit at the Apple Store, I get to call my parents and beg for a computer loan. *sigh* I really wanted to make it to Chanukah, you know?

Today's my first autumn BARCC gig! <3 I've been looking forward to this since my return. I have four coming up over the next two weeks, and they're all relatively low-key - tablings, lavender sales, speeches about what we do and volunteer opportunities.

Link Soup/Daily Science
Is all They Might Be Giants videos today! The Elements, Science is Real, I Am a Paleontologist, and Electric Car.

Breakfast (I just re-woke up), shower, WTD. Hopefully figuring out where Doodle wants to start his story. BARCC gig this evening, followed by seeing 9 with feste_sylvain.
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