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Happy birthday to jdotmi and pharminatrix!

Hello to new reader bluesgirly!

Five months seizure-free!

Pretty decent. And the ketone-breath thing is gone, thanks to insane water consumption. *crosses fingers that kidneys are totally okay*

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Starts today, right here. I know what fairy tale I'm doing and how I'm doing it, and it's way different from how I always thought I'd be doing it...

(And yes, it's going to be late-ish; my brain is running slow today, and I'm going to take a walk.)

I have a friend visiting this weekend who requires inexpensive hotel accommodations. Not a hostel - a regular hotel room. Ideas?

Yes, apparently this reminder is still necessary.
Please do not grab me from behind if I don't know you're there. My reflex in that situation is to attack. I was able to stifle that on Saturday because I knew I was surrounded by friends and that this was not an attack, but understand that my subconscious does interpret that as an attack; also understand that, as a short chick, I fight dirty. You would not be happy.

Yes, there'll be another one-on-one conversation about this, too, but I figured a broader message would be good too.

(Countdown to people who don't/barely know me trying to take me to task for "threatening people" in 5, 4, 3...)

Link Soup
* Not Your Average Joe's supports nonprofits! Please nominate BARCC!
* cluegirl is doing tarot readings to cover house repair costs. Go get one!
* Bostonian writers - consider Mike Marano's Grub Street class!
* Oral history, folk music and more: British Library puts vast sound archive online.

Daily Science
Researchers from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie have, in cooperation with colleagues from Dresden, St. Andrews, La Plata and Oxford, for the first time observed magnetic monopoles and how they emerge in a real material.
Magnetic monopoles are hypothetical particles proposed by physicists that carry a single magnetic pole, either a magnetic north pole or south pole. In the material world this is quite exceptional because magnetic particles are usually observed as dipoles, north and south combined. However there are several theories that predict the existence of monopoles. Among others, in 1931 the physicist Paul Dirac was led by his calculations to the conclusion that magnetic monopoles can exist at the end of tubes – called Dirac strings – that carry magnetic field. Until now they have remained undetected.

Walk, shower, Wind Tunnel Dreams... and today's the last day before Elayna starts high school, so it's pretty much devoted to making sure she's ready.
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