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Wind Tunnel Dreams!

So! Big announcement!

Next week begins a very special round of Wind Tunnel Dreams. Flash fiction, poetry, and short stories drawn from fairy tales, folktales, and mythology...

by me and the amazing gwynraven.

I'd said I didn't intend to do more WTD. What changed my mind? The economy has bitchslapped Gwyn, who I regard as my beloved sister, in a most unacceptable way. Her university requires her to attend both ALA conferences, but will only pay for one, leaving her to fund the other - at ~$600 - out of her own pocket. Which she can barely manage.

And she can't manage that *and* a $300 plane ticket to Boston for Thanksgiving. (She's knocked out of cheap-ticket range by her teaching schedule.)

So she was looking at not being able to come here for Thanksgiving for the first time in eight years. Which devastated all of us - her and me, Adam and Elayna. It is not Thanksgiving without our Gwyn, not really.

So once I got over the shock, I said "Okay, if we can somehow raise the money, can you get here?" Answer was yes.

We are raising the money. Because for us, Thanksgiving is all about our chosen family. And Gwyn is a huge part of that. This needs to happen.

Gwyn and I are both major fairytale/folklore geeks, so the theme was easy to choose! So here's the plan:

* Starting Monday, we will post fiction and poetry drawn from fairy tales/folklore/mythology every day.
* We'll alternate LJs - you get stuff from me one day, Gwyn the next. We figure this will cut down on burnout.
* Our goal is $300. Any money raised beyond that will go towards the food for said Thanksgiving dinner.
* Yes, we will be taking prompts. Please leave them in comments! Obscure stuff welcome!
* As with the original WTD, if you sponsor us, we have to use your prompt.

There you have it. Starting Monday, with your help, we are bringing Gwyn home for the holidays.
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