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Happy birthday to fiddle_dragon!

Happy early birthday to caudelac and contradictacat, who advance a year over the weekend!

Had a bout of achy yesterday, but mostly okay.

Places You Haunt
Another "I post this here to keep myself honest" statement:

I intend to have a complete draft of Places You Haunt by Halloween.

My Empire for Ashes
haikujaguar had an interesting note about "My Empire for Ashes": "I also got the impression that the city was filled with women, because all the waitresses, shop owners, people who owned things, people manning registers (with one exception that I remember, the Russian) were all named women! o_O"

Which made me go huh!. And that is so. It's a woman-heavy story, that one. Not Shayara as a whole, that's pretty balanced - most of the Kithrayna are male. But Alexander doesn't interact with any of them in "My Empire for Ashes"; he's an archivist, so Donna, the only currently-in-Shayara Kithraya (the men are Kithrayn), is mentioned in the story, but he would not yet have reason to be hanging out with people he'd consider to be above his station. He interacts with his own Kithara, the head of his house - but no others. The only men you really see there, independently, are the men of the Council - Janos, Stephen, a few scattered cronies. You see Martin, but he's from outside the city; you see his Kithara's husband, but only a little, and she's clearly the power in the family. And there's Vanya, the aforementioned Russian record-store owner.

And yes, all named women, because this world has been in my head for half my life, and consequently I know the backstory of dozens of imaginary waitresses.

Jessa's yet-unnamed story has lots more men; it deals with the formation of the Kirayth, so besides Fenris, you'll get the Telenias again, and many more. As far as the Talthar Kithrayna, you'll definitely see Kristian, and probably just a bit of Edward (Ryan's predecessor) and Joshua (Kieran's predecessor) before their deaths. Michael Halloran will just be a wee child, so it's probably not known yet that he's the next Kithrayn of his House. Those who've read some of Shayara already may be aware of Jeramie's borderline obsession with Jessa, so you know you'll see him; you see him tangentially in "My Empire for Ashes", still prepubescent, but in Jessa's story he's all grown up and very troublesome indeed.

Alexander is more comfortable with women, far from any alpha-male games; Jessa is more comfortable with men. And I'm looking forward to writing this because shes more like *me* than the charactrs I usually write. In some places, that'll make the writing difficult. But in many, I think this story will come easier than "My Empire for Ashes" did.

Yes, I am editing soon. Hopefully I'll have it out to Blogathon sponsors on Monday.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Tigger pajamas.
Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins and Desolation Road by Ian McDonald.
Writing: I think I'm 1K/1.5K from the end of "I am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between", so I need to jump on that and clear it off my desk. Starting Tuesday, I'll hopefully be working on Places You Haunt in the morning and the short fiction backlog in the afternoon.
Planning: I am playing Boston tour guide to sindrian and his ladylove today! The plan is to get her to fall in love with Boston so they can move here when he graduates, thus ensuring year-round sindrian for the greater Boston community. *salute* Tomorrow's the End of Summer party. Sunday is planless, and will probably consist of editing and planning for the week ahead.

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