Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Starting to get the ketone-breath thing less, which is good. I shall continue to drink ludicrous amounts of water.

I don't quite feel like I'm Home until I've been on the T. The T is uniquely Boston. <3 So yesterday, I took the T to Diesel, and I had many happy sighs.

I haven't been writing much fiction over the summe; Lyrica withdrawal made me a bear of little brain, and then there was Florida. But it is worthy of note that I have been gushing poetry like arterial spray. My notebook, it is filling up.

I wish it was sellable, at least! *laugh* But It's not SF/F, so I don't even know who'd want it - and I'm not posting it here just yet because a lot of it is so deeply me figuring things out, and it's too deeply personal... I need a bit of space. So. At some point.

Yesterday's train poem was wistful/whimsical, though, so I may post it, once I've sent it to its intended recipient. If they don't want it to be just theirs.

Now that I'm a ways past the breakup with the girl (and my brain has backdated the breakup to when the relationship stopped being functional, so it really feels like forever ago), and with the benefit of that space between that I mentioned yesterday, I'm seeing just how much of my time and energy was getting poured into the relationship.

I've been saying for years that my dance card is full. Well. My dance card? No longer full. And I am not looking for another Relationship. But it would be nice to date a bit. (Yes, marriage and relationship with boyfriend are still peachy keen! But I'm more socially active than Adam, and Mark does have a wife and kids that need significant amounts of his time. So I have time.)

Free Will Astrology
Uncle Rob says: "The month of August brought you some peculiar advances. You got a reward that didn't mean as much to you as it might have had you received it earlier. You outgrew an enigma that had puzzled and frustrated you forever. And you finally wriggled free of a shadowy game that you had been attached to long after it lost its power to educate you. As curious as these wistful breakthroughs have been, they are prologue to what's headed your way. Get ready to solve a problem you didn't even know you loved."

*gives Uncle Rob the hairy eyeball*

I have been friended by an alpaca farm in California. o.O Facebook friending continues to surprise me.

Link Soup
* emilytheslayer has a new book blog!
* New issue of Cabinet des Fees!
* Absolut Boston. With elderflower and black tea. Hm!

Daily Science
Renewable energy made by mixing salt and fresh water.

Watching Gilmore Girls with Elayna. House stuff later. Tonight, hanging out with sindrian. :)
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