Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day!

Rabbit rabbit!

Seem to be recovering decently from travel.

The air, it is cool and crisp! It smells like autumn! I should do this trip every year - retreat from 90-degree hell into Florida air conditioning, and come back for autumn.

Turns out the new battery didn't fix the "laptop shuts itself off when it's meant to be sleeping" issue. So. New laptop. Which I cannot afford. I shall do my best to make this work til Chanukah.

Stays Crunchy in Milk
Children of the '80s, this is your road movie in book form. For serious. All of your Saturday morning cartoons, all of your cereal mascots, all of the weirdness that populated our childhoods. And that's what this is, really - a love letter to '80s childhood. <3

What was the best August story in Fantasy? Vote here! (To me, it was very clearly Nicole Kornher-Stace's "Notes Toward a Comparative Mythology", which all of my fairy-tale/folktale-junkie readers ought to go read right now. Then vote.)

Link Soup
* Marv Wolfman weighs in on Disney's acquisition of Marvel; he has some interesting points.
* Anyone interested in doing a decant circle for the Blooddrop fall scents? I covet, but cannot afford to buy bottles right now.
* I kinda want a paper quilt, too. I can see myself covering my office doors with your art...

Daily Science
In Mars exploration, of course, it's the Red Planet itself that gets top billing. But there are some good reasons to keep tabs on Phobos, the innermost and larger of Mars' two diminutive moons, which the Russian space agency plans to study with a probe set for launch next month on board a Zenit rocket. Called Phobos Grunt, the three-year mission is to land a spacecraft on the distant moon, scoop up soil samples for analysis and launch one of them back to Earth for further inspection. The probe's name means "Phobos's soil" in Russian.

Today is a loose-ends day. I need to finish unpacking, and bring out the cool-weather clothes (First accomplished, second put off due to asthma issues with dusty closet.). I have a few CDs to make and burn, a few purchases to make online, a few things to pack and mail. It is a day full of little things. The biggest thing I need to do is get my big list of What I Have to Write organized. I may not have much writing time this week, because the child requires constant nudging re: summer reading (her book is dreadful) and science pre-homework and unpacking, and there's general back-to-school stuff to be done. She starts a week from today, and I want to be ready then to jump into a new writing routine.

Yes, I'll be at Diesel tonight.
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