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Hello to new readers amethyst_clan, deborahb, and laliari!

A bit worn out yesterday, and I got achy after a long walk, but I'm doing well today. Bodywise.

I had absolutely the worst nightmare of my life last night. And I've had some doozies, let me tell you. But the people who know about this one agree that it's pretty much the most fucked-up thing ever.

And yes, feste_sylvain, There's a Story in That. But you're taking me out for ice cream when I've finished it.

...I need a hug. (Not a *hug*. A real hug.)

Leveling Up
Not something I can discuss yet or for a while, so I will not tease you with details - I will just share that I feel like I've leveled up again, careerwise. Makes me all glowy.

The post about getting to know people online and how my friend felt it was worth about ~10% of actually getting to know a person? I misunderstood! My friend was thinking about a very specific point of interaction, and their ideas of the online/in-person ratios are much closer to mine otherwise. And it all makes sense now.

Which is good. Because I was very startled by that perceptual disconnect.

Last Week in Florida
And I have plans for tomorrow and Friday night, but am otherwise open. Who's available to hang out when?

I need to tend to all the stuff I have tabs open for - internet tidying! And I actually have writing time today. Everyone's away at work, and Elayna has before-school science homework and summer reading to do before we indulge in Gilmore Girls. No evening plans.
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