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I have a whee joy! post, but my mother just irritated me, so I have a venty post first.

Mom: "We're going out to Melting Pot on Friday, and we're going to take you to dinner on Saturday since it's your last night here."
Me: "Um. Actually, I'm pretty sure I have plans with felisdemens on Saturday. I'll need to check."
Mom: "You're always out with your friends. It's your last night."
Me: (thinking yeah, that's why I want to be with my friends) "You know that's why I'm down here for this long, right? To see my friends?"
Mom: "Well, what about your family?"
Me (thinking well, what about you?) "Look. I am pretty sure I have a prior commitment. If I do, I am going to honor that prior commitment."
Mom: "Well. Maybe we'll just take Elayna to Melting Pot on Saturday."
Me: "I'm sure she would love that."
Mom: *flounces off*

Okay, so this is just a bit crazymaking. Because yes, I've been out with my friends on most nights this week, and will go out tonight, including briefly going out Tuesday night after nursemaiding my grandmother and tending her wounds all. day.. But I've been here all day for almost my entire trip, and at least half of the nights. It's just that I've been out a few nights in a row. If you recall, I was pretty much trapped with them the entire first week of this visit, including my sister being here every waking minute of the day (and sleeping over once). And other than Tuesday and Saturday, I have no existing plans for next week, so they'll probably get to see me a lot anyway.

And what about my family? Well, they visit me in Boston. I see them several times a year. This plus the week between Christmas and New Year's is my only chance to see many of my Florida friends this year, and I haven't seen them in eight months, so yes, I'm prioritizing them over people I see several times a year. Logic. I can has.

So there will be the kvetching today. Until enderfem swoops in and carts me off to the magical land of people not whining at me for having the temerity to have friends. *wry smile*

(Side note: I love the attempted manipulation through Melting Pot, which is indeed one of my favorite places and one I can seldom afford to treat myself to. But I rank my limited time with friends over fondue. Even if it is the coq au vin fondue.)
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