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I've had a bit more achiness, but I've had a very active week. I've not been over a 4, I don't think.

Replaced the battery, which will hopefully cure the shutting-down-when-it's-supposed-to-be-sleeping issue... and was tremendously disappointed to find that that did nothing for the doubletriplequadrupleclick issue. And canned air had zero effect. *falls over* This actually brought me to tears, albeit briefly. Being reliant on a USB mouse means I can't write anywhere but at a table or on a desk, which sort of defeats the purpose of a laptop. And I do most of my best writing on buses, trains, planes, on couches, at other people's houses.


Any other suggestions?

Test-Driving Hedgehogs
So I turned to felisdemens yesterday and said "I require a hedgehog. Where can I obtain one?"

And she said "I know just the place."

Which is one of the reasons I adore her. And it's also yet another example of why my life pretty much rocks - because I can land in any major city and know people there, and those people will know where to go for a hedgehog.

We sallied forth and cuddled hedgehogs. And I am that much more convinced that I absolutely require a hedgehog at the earliest possible opportunity. Those noses! Those wee paws! *melt* I am besotted with hedgehogs.

I cannot afford a hedgehog.

So felisdemens took a picture of me with the hedgehog. I will post this and start a Hedge Fund. Because I would truly madly love a hedgehog, and this would mean lots of adorable hedgie pics for you, dear reader. Including pics of Jack trying to groom the hedgie, I'm sure.

The plan was to do that today. But. Laptop repair comes first. *sigh*

Included the aforementioned hedgehog shopping, fetish-gear browsing, much laughter, and plans for our eventual strip mall, with will include two strip clubs (The Fretful Porpentine and the Burbling Hedgehog), two restaurants (The Muttering Ocelot and Rancho Chocha), and felisdemens's lingerie store, "Hello Sailor".

(I remembered all of that from yesterday! I can has memory upgrade!)

We want to make T-shirts for our prospective businesses. We'd pretty much wear nothing but T-shirts for our imaginary ventures forever. We have a lot.

I am very glad I chose to spend the extra week down here. I missed my Florida friends. (This is way more fun than Pi-Con!)

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Still my nightshirt, the one that proclaims that "my baby girl was a Special Delivery at Memorial Hospital". Yes, I have had this for 14 years. What? It's sturdy.
Reading: An Edible History of Humanity by Tom Standage.
Writing: Ummyeah. Not so much writing time this week. *sigh* But I did write that very creepy Julia/Stephen encounter and some more of Jessa's story, and I have a few hours of writing time today. I really want to scoot over to the short stories. There are a few that are nudging my brain.
Today: Shopping with Dad this afternoon; he wants to upgrade my phone (I can has Blackberry! Yay actual keypad!), and apparently I also get clothes. I was surprised to be asked. I'm not the shopping maven in the family (see above re: me wearing a 14-year-old shirt this morning), so the offer doesn't often come up. But with my recent weight loss, I actually do need clothes. So okay. I may go dancing tonight.
Tomorrow: felisdemens's birthday party! Everglades adventures, barbecue, dancing. Again, way more fun than Pi-Con. :)
Sunday: Karaoke. maxymyllyn wants to do "Tango: Maureen" with me because apparently no one else knows Joanne's part, but I don't know if he fully realizes just how wonderful my singing voice isn't.

You? And I haven't been keeping up on LJ at all, so do tell me how your week's been, too!
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