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Hello to new reader elmocho!

Doing fine.

Working Today. I Hope.
Parents and sister are at work, and child can entertain herself for a bit, which means I can finally write that set of Shayara scenes that's been gnawing at my brain for a week and a half. If the USB mouse works, perhaps I can even edit "My Empire for Ashes".

Other tasks on this week's agenda: Writing more stuff, IAF auction help, and something you'll find out about in my next post.

Fiber Arts + Math
* Knitting!
* Crocheting!

One Song
This was on constant loop in my head when I was coming off Lyrica.

You know that dryad/mermaid of mine everyone loves?
freyapax finished the shawl based on her. Go look. Drool. I want!

Link Soup
* Kelley Eskridge says "I don't get to talk about spoons."
* From Cracked, the 5 creepiest sex scenes in comics and the 6 creepiest comics characters of all time.
* Speaking of bad comics, Brett Ratner is making a Youngblood movie. Which is actually sort of perfect.

Daily Science
The line between fungus biology and late-night television just got blurrier.

A fungus that attacks living ants apparently manipulates their behavior for its own benefit, an international research team reports in the September American Naturalist.

When the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis fungus strikes, an infected ant climbs to a leaf not far off the ground (often on the north-northwest side of a tree), bites in and dies with jaws locked in place. Experiments now show that these low-hanging leaves give the fungus prime conditions for growing a spore-bearing spike out of the ant’s neck, says study coauthor David Hughes of Harvard University.

Write, edit, work, see if friends are available to hang out.
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