Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

No, you guys, this is for reals.

Note up front: This post is not about anyone on my friendslist or even anyone who was on my friendslist at any point. It probably doesn't apply to anyone reading this.

Just so's we're clear.

So I was Gchatting with someone (male) last night, and the topic of a mutual acquaintance (female) arose. And I mentioned with a *shrug* "She doesn't acknowledge my existence."

He was puzzled. "She just doesn't know you."

Me: "She looks right through me. I have tried to become acquainted."

I listed off all of the places where I've been in small groups with the person, have tried to have conversations with her because, after all, she is a friend of my friends and I am friendly, and have been heartily ignored. He said "She's shy, like you."

I said "Yeah, but when someone is in a small group with me, I don't ignore them in favor of the men."

Which led into the big digression, and one that I think my friend still doesn't accept as a real thing - that there are women who do not acknowledge or speak to other women when there are men to focus on. He thinks this isn't the case. I acknowledge that this may or may not be the case with *this specific person*, but that this is a thing that does exist.

This is for reals! And I see it all the time. And he does not, because he's male, so he *does* get the attention of women like this.

Keep in mind that:
1. This is not me whining about wanting attention from this person, because in the situations where we encounter each other, I am already getting way enough attention - usually more than I want.
2. This is not me saying that I specifically am being ignored. I'm not taking this personally. It is just that I lack a penis. Well, an organic penis, anyway. I have a silicone one back in Boston.
3. This is not me asserting that the person in question is definitely one of Those Girls; clearly I do not know this person. It's just the vibe I get, because I have never seen her speak to or acknowledge a women, just flirt with all of the men. But I acknowledge that there could be something there that I'm not seeing.

What is this, then? This is just me asserting that Those Girls exist, the ones who only talk to men. And I understand why my friend is skeptical, because he has a penis and therefore gets fawned over by Those Girls.

Why the post? Because I am read by women as well as men, and I'm sure y'all have encountered Those Girls. So please do speak up and say "Yeah, this is for reals," if you are so inclined.

(Or you could say something more grammatically correct if you'd like. I'm not picky.)
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