Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

In the water

The straps of my borrowed swimsuit keep slipping down, so I slip it off, loop it through the railing; I push off the wall and fly through the water, most of the way across the pool before I have to move at all. I am cradled in warm water, I am weightless, I am free.

The mockingbirds scold me for my impropriety. I turn an underwater somersault, two, three; I do an underwater headstand, toes pointed perfectly up.

I backstroke til my shoulders complain... I pop up into an inner tube and sling my arms over the sides, dangle, drift, bliss out, and then I pop up and back down, submerging, mermaid hair twirling around my head like Medusa's snakes, following me down as I dive, pulled straight as I launch back up.

I cling to the brick coping, peering over it, exposing as little of myself as possible - so quiet, so still - to watch the mockingbirds just a foot away. They chide me again, shocking scandalous watergirl.

I launch myself from the wall again, corkscrewing through the water, long goldredbrown hair in seaweed tendrils twisting around me as I twirl.

Florida is not home, and this house is not home, but the water - the water is home.

Later, in the shower, I find a single mockingbird feather in my hair.
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