Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Evening miscellany

* I finally made Mark watch RENT today - the DVD of the final Broadway performance, not the movie - because I was sick of him panning it without actually watching it. Reader, he cried.

* But in order to get him to watch it, I had to promise to watch a movie of his choice. His choice? Yellow Submarine. Anyone got any earplugs I can borrow? *plaintive look* No, I'll watch it and listen to it - deal's a deal - and hopefully after seeing me supremely unmoved, he'll finally accept that I will never like The Beatles.

* I am aware that those are fighting words. Very well. To incense even more people: I can't stand Lord of the Rings.

* Elayna spent her chill time at Explo between the coffeehouse and the dance in the computer lounge - on Gchat with Adam. Aw. :)

* She sang "Where I Want to Be" from Chess at the coffeehouse, a capella. I'm not sure how she got it from baritone to alto; she was too shy to belt it in the enclosed space of the car, but has promised to sing it for us tomorrow.

* She had so much fun at Explo this summer. Once again, thank you so much, those of you who helped get her there!

* Tomorrow, NYC - express train, and dinner at the Mesa Grill, where I will decide if I can like Bobby Flay even though he pissed off Iron Chef Morimoto. Sunday, brunch somewhere awesome (don't know where), and see The Marvelous Wonderettes off-Broadway (Elayna's most interested in In the Heights, but it was sold out. We'll try to get to it when it's in Boston in January). And after lunch on Monday, Elayna and I go down to Florida!

* I don't expect to be able to check e-mail more than once a day through Tuesday. If it's an emergency, call my cell phone; number's in my Facebook info.

* And now, bed.
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