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Happy birthday to ian_gunn and bardofevermore!

Happy early birthday to everyone who advances a year while I'm on vacation: asim, tsarinanic, havelyard, bitsyboo, pretzelcoatl, grntserendipity, australian_joe, terri_osborne, popelizbet, any_contingency, murnkay, jennifer, correspondguy, fairylogic, mer_moon, annaguirre, jasra, zarhooie, bahtswana, and corrguineacht!

4am again, dammit.

Other random knitting note
I have been referring to myself as a baby knitter; asciikitty said that I'm actually not anymore, since I have a few finished objects and am knitting in patterns, and kythryne pointed out that my current project is technically lace. So. I'm a toddler knitter! I think once I move on to triangles and hats, I'm an elementary knitter. There should be a belt system for this.

Why have I taken to knitting? Because it's patterns, and pattern-matching is one of my weird mostly-useless skills. I have a place for a useless skill! Plus I generally can't sit still, and knitting gives me something actually productive to do with my hands when I'm watching TV or generally fidgety.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
I've been doing WTD on the "I post it, you give me some money if you like it" model. It was suggested to me that I try soliciting money in advance - for every $25 I get, you get 500 words or more of flash fiction posted. This could be a dollar from 25 people or $25 from one person or whatever. What do you think?

Looking at doing WTD next week to fund Florida adventures.

The Power of the Internets!
New cover for Liar!

Friday Memage
Wearing: Skeleton shirt from the Museum of Science. Am not dressed yet.
Reading: The Life of Elizabeth I, by Alison Weir.
Writing: Little Cicatrix this week; hoping to get some I Am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between done on the train tomorrow, as I write it in transitional spaces.
Planning: Date day with feste_sylvain today! We will be apart for so long. :( So we'll make the most of today.
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