Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

For the people who care about knitting

Packed what I need for the recycled sari silk wrap currently in progress and the fingering-weight version of this shawl (variegated honey-colored merino), and this headwrap (to use up the leftover yarn from the wrap I finished last week) and this scarf (the variegated purple angora/polwarth I got at the NH sheep & wool festival). And printed out patterns.

Not that I think I'm going to finish all of that, but I know I go slightly crazy when I'm in the middle of a Big Project, which the silk wrap kinda is and the shawl definitely is. Which is why I have a bunch of headbands and skinny scarves. So when I'm on row #ohmygodsisitalmostover? of the shawl, I can pick up the headwrap.

All fits in one knitty bag, with the needles, so that's good.

On the non-knitting tip, the rest of my packing should be fairly easy. It's a long trip, but I'll have access to a washer and dryer, so there will be mixing and matching, and with all of last year's travel, I have the "this shirt goes with those three skirts, and also that skirt goes with that shirt which also goes with that" thing down pat. And one of the awesome things about Wyrding Studios jewelry is that a lot of it is pendants, which pack easily, and a handful of 'em should cover all of the colors I've got. (I usually only bring one of the big grandiose necklaces, and I wear it on the plane so it doesn't get smooshed.)

Have to convert .docs and .pdfs .txts and .azws for the Kindle, locate my video camera, and pack the cords.

Oh hai I have trip anticipation!

I'm letting Elayna watch an episode for Gilmore Girls before making her pack and put her clean clothes away. I am nice mama. Though I'm sure she'll disagree when I turn off the TV.
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