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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to ilk, la_belledame, and quem98!

Hello to new reader xjenavivex!

Doing okay. Cautiously optimistic!

Wind Tunnel Dreams
If you liked what I was posting during Blogathon - you can have most of those stories and poems, and many many more, in handy portable trade paperback form! $15 + $4 shipping. 476 pages of flash fiction, short stories, and poetry.

There are only 21 left! Order now, if you've been wanting to.

Also, as I'm leaving town first thing Saturday morning - you need to order today or tomorrow if you want it before September.

Wind Tunnel Dreams Redux
Also, I am pondering doing another run of Wind Tunnel Dreams. Stuff is accumulating in my brainmeats. We'll see.

A note about photography
Please do not take my picture; I do not like it.

You're always welcome to ask, if photography is really that Important to you. Sometimes I'll say yes. Depends on the day and my mood and how I feel about my apparance at any given time - earlier at Readercon I was in no pictures please mode, but when csecooney asked on Saturday night, I nodded, and she got a relly excellent shot of me.

Thing is, she asked.

To illustrate how much I hate being photographed: no pictures of me exist from age 13 (bat mitzvah) to 18 (senior yearbook). (Okay, there was one in a magazine.) Then nothing until I was 21 and had Elayna. Then no pictures of me without Elayna til I was 29.

I really, really do not like photographs of me existing at all. I especially don't like unflattering pictures of me (and 99.9% of them are; I Do Not photograph well). I super-duper hate unflattering pictures of me going on the internet without anyone asking me if that was okay to post, and even more so when I have told the photographer numerous times that I do not want to be photographed.

I may get into reasons more later. But. I just want this set out there in no uncertain terms. Please do not take my picture. I do not like it. If you must, ask first. If I say no, respect that no!

Also you should know that when you are pointing a camera at me, I am actively suppressing the urge to grab it out of your hands and dash it upon the ground. You click that shutter, it may just startle me into doing that. If you don't care about my right to make decisions about my own body, perhaps you will care about the loss of your expensive equipment.

Yes, this really bothers me this much. And it may seem like overreaction. But what you are doing when you are taking candid pics of a person who has said she doesn't want you taking pictures of her, whether posting online or not, is saying "Your decisions about your body are irrelevant to me. I am more an authority on the display of your body than you are. You have no right to dictate what images of your body are made available." To me, anyway, and I've heard similar things from other women who shun photography. You're telling me that you don't care about my rights to my body. That does not feel good. Don't do it.

Yes, there was a specific incident that triggered this rant - I've discussed it with the person privately, and the photo is gone. I'm posting this not at that person, but at the world in general, because it seems I can't go any damn place without having a camera shoved in my face against my will.

(And for the record, "this made me sick to my stomach" is not hyperbole; one of my stress responses is violent nausea. You don't want to make me puke, do you? I hope not. Not my kink.)

Link Soup
* New Weird Al song!
* A night at the Gotham City opera.
* Cyborg walkers.

Daily Science
GEMS, the Gravity and Extreme Magnetism Small Explorer, will detect polarized X-rays from supernova remnants, neutron stars and black holes. Polarized X-rays carry information about the structure of cosmic sources that is not available in any other way.

Walk. Write more in Cicatrix or "I Am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between", whichever pops in my head more during said walk. Make that packing list. Aggravating thing: It's too hot upstairs to do my packing. I know I have to deal with that sooner or later...
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