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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Feed my Kindle! 
4th-Aug-2009 09:39 am
As mentioned ad nauseum, I am soon to be traveling.

Which means I will be making great use of my Kindle. Yay Kindle!

Which means, dear writer friends, that if you want to send me your work, I will read it. If it's already out or soon to be out, I'll review it. If not, well, I'll pimp it whenever it does come out. Think of it as giving a review copy of your work to someone with a thousand-person readership, and not even having to pay shipping.

The next things on the read and review list are murnkay's Stays Crunchy in Milk and upstart_crow's Sleeping Beauty, Indeed. Also critiquing writing-group stories, which I'm way behind on. But I'll be travelling for weeks and will have plenty of time to get to yours!

(And even if you could care less about pimpage or a review, chances are I'd love to read your work.
And yes, I'll be posting reviews of the last batch this week. Clear the decks!)

So if you want to feed my Kindle, send me your writing! Shadesong AT gmail.com.
4th-Aug-2009 02:10 pm (UTC)
I've actually had a couple of pieces published lately, but I'm sure they would not interest anybody who didn't belong to the Park Slope community sustainable agriculture program. Still, if you feel like reading about aphids or kale recipes, I can send you the PDFs. :)
4th-Aug-2009 03:50 pm (UTC)
Well, if you happen to get in the mood for some pr0n, I can help you out with that...
6th-Aug-2009 02:37 pm (UTC)
Color me intrigued!
4th-Aug-2009 04:15 pm (UTC)
Have you read Antlered Bird already? I know I e-mailed you when it came out, but I don't know whether you have a copy.

6th-Aug-2009 02:37 pm (UTC)
Not yet - must prioritize!
4th-Aug-2009 05:03 pm (UTC)
Does the Kindle allow you edit word documents? If so, NEAT!
6th-Aug-2009 02:38 pm (UTC)
I wish! No, just reading, no editing.
5th-Aug-2009 12:55 am (UTC) - google docs
Can you get those. If so I can share a chapter or three of the book I'm still working on. I had hoped to have those three chapters ready for other review but I've failed so far. I've got two.
6th-Aug-2009 02:38 pm (UTC) - Re: google docs
Not on the Kindle, no. :(
28th-Sep-2009 06:08 pm (UTC)
I couldn't comment it at the time because it was a secret for a friend's birthday present, but when you posted this I was putting the finishing touches to a novella which I've just self-published in print and for the Kindle. It's "a lovely, delightful little romp for anyone who loves books and fantasy and dragons and higher education and plucky heroines", according to one of my proofreaders.

I have no idea how much Kindle books should cost, though. When they asked me, I just gave them the cost of the printed version, but I am wondering whether Kindle books should be cheaper by some amount. I may review the price if I find out.

(ETA: If you like I can send you a pdf of it.)

Edited at 2009-09-28 06:15 pm (UTC)
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