Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to mgrasso!

Yep, new wakeup time is 4am. On the dot. I can generally get back to sleep in an hour, for an hour or two, but interrupted sleep is bad for me. I do not know what to do about this, really.

I'm updating posts on blogforbarcc when people pay and send me their receipts, and I send their addresses to the artists.

Bunch of people haven't paid yet; they'll get a nudge maybe tomorrow. I nudged the winners of the last two items I have in my house this morning, because if they don't pay by Thursday, they won't get their items til September - I'm not packing auction items to bring to Florida.

If artists want to comment on their items' posts to say when the items went out, that would be cool, too.

I'll be there in less than a week. Swimming every day! Swimming is the #1 recommended exercise/therapy for fibro. Plus, I love it.

Need to start actively getting planning with people. I know my middle-and-some-of-high-school-friend Jeff is going to Burning Man, so I must see him earlier rather than later. I'm going to the Def Leppard/Poison concert with enderfem and maxymyllyn, and I'm going to Tampa to see haikujaguar and morenasangre, and there is felisdemens's birthday party; other than that, plans are fairly nebulous.

Definitely planning to get writing done; it is always easier for me to write away from home, where I'm not distracted by Adam and Elayna's sedimentary stacks of mess.

My biggest problem at the moment is just deciding what's next. I currently have three short stories, a novella, and two novels crowding my brain. Hell of a bottleneck.

Also a few poems - in pure idea form, though. They're not fully shaped. So they're not pushing to be born, like the rest.

I'll write that scene today that's been pounding against my brain since yesterday morning, at least. I like it, and it is quite vicious, and it gives Cicatrix more of a shape. Also, I found my protagonist's name... by listening to what the character this scene focuses on says about her. And the name is perfect, and lends itself ideally to the set of aliases that she takes on to move through the world.

Link Soup
* Strange Horizons fund drive.
* tablesaw illustrates why Warehouse 13 is Problematic: An Extraordinary Rendition of History; Items in Warehouse 13 that Don't Belong in "America's Attic".
* Oh, look, more Fail! Because apparently only white men write mind-blowing SF.
* Want to see how Middleman would've ended? Watch the tabl read of the final, unfilmed episode!

Daily Science
Astronomers are puzzled by a strange bright spot which has appeared in the clouds of Venus.

Decide what the hell I'm writing next and write some of it. Make a list of what I need to purchase, if anything, for my trip. asciikitty's coming over at 2 to drop off some clothes for Elayna.

I want to go to Diesel tonight, because it'll be the last time I'll get to see local friends til the End of Summer Party, but that'll depend entirely on whether I can get a ride - because I am not walking the almost-mile to the bus stop in 85-degree weather.
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