Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Saturday night miscellany

* My semi-official Blogathon total = $4,043.86. There are some winning bidders I don't think ever registered - LJ names not on list at, and no reply to my comments - but they could've registered under their real names. Lots of sponsorships on Monday for them to get tangled up in. We'll see. So. Total could be more than that! was supposed to send out the e-mails today, but I haven't gotten any receipts at all today, so I'm guessing they haven't yet.

* The elongated-stitch wrap I was working on is done! This is the second piece of knitting I've done that's longer than I am tall. Yes, I know I'm not very tall. Hush. And yes, pictures are coming.

* I am made of ouch. I expected my legs to bear the ouch after roller-skating, but that has not been so - it's my upper back and shoulders. Overly-vigorous arm movement? I dunno. It is vexing, though. Ow.

* Have been exhausted all day, thanks to
a) a cat yowling in a particularly blood-curdling fashion outside our window at 4am, rendering me incapable of further sleep.
b) Adam's phone doing low-battery chirping all night.
I was able to get back to sleep for a few hours this morning, but I've been dragging all day. Ugh.

* I usually read two or three books simultaneously - upstairs, downstairs, on the train. Generally, at least one is genre, and at least one is nonfiction. Ive been going on thematic streaks lately in my nonfiction... bunch of science, bunch of medical, and now I'm on a tear through the history of the British monarchy. feste_sylvain expressed puzzlement at this; I said "Well, I write political intrigue [in Shayara]. It's pretty decent research."

* "My Empire for Ashes" isn't intrigue-y at all; Alexander does, in all things, as he's told, and Katrina is very much an outsider, almost belligerently so. But Jessa's story (which still really needs a title)? Jessa and Fenris are starting a revolution. And he's pretty much barely-controlled aggression, but she's very politically astute; her father was one of the last pre-Council acting heads of their House, and she grew up (til about the age of 10) with the possibility that she was the reincarnated leader of her people, so she absorbed a lot.

* I am concerned about the recent sleep issues. These predate the switch from Lyrica to Gabitril, so it's not a Gabitril side effect; Gabitril's supposed to help you sleep, anyway, per my neuro. I'm already on the highest dose of Lunesta that's advisable. It stopped working as well once before, and we just upped the dose, but... can't do that anymore.

* New reason to love Explo: Elayna broke her first world record Friday! Well, she was *part* of the breaking of the record. Most people simultaneously doing the robot dance. Previous record was 276; Explo had over 300 campers dancing. Don't know the precise number, but the program director has promised full details. She spent elementary school totally addicted to the Guinness Book of World Records - had to get the new hardcover every year at the school book fair - so this is particularly awesome. :)

* Feel free to suggest a title for Jessa & Fenris's story, if you know anything about it.

* I am going to bed. Hopefully I'll sleep through the night.
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