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Happy birthday to crystalsage and mr_wombat!

Pretty good. Was full of ouch after last night's rollerskating, but Robaxin works.

This is the last day you can sign up to sponsor me! Currently at $3,943. I need to go through blogforbarcc today and make sure all of the winning bidders have signed up.

Winning bidders - if you've already signed up, paid, and sent me your receipt, I've forwarded the artist your address. I'll be updating blogforbarcc posts accordingly.

EDIT: Updated. And have confirmed that the "pay now through this link!" e-mails will go out tomorrow.

I need to do that more often! It is ever so much fun. Feels like flying. :) Had to rest between songs a bit - my pain levels are lower than last time, but my ankles still get worn out from hauling those heavy skates around. If I start doing this more often, I ought to invest in some lightweight skates.

I wear a kid size. So my skates had toe-bumpers.

The girls all had fun, too, and we sang all the way home. <3

A week from tomorrow, I'm leaving town for pretty much all of August. That seems so weird to me. Should take care of my travel jones for a bit, though.

What the Hell, Robot Chicken?
Two rape "jokes" on the season premiere? This was necessary why?

What's the address to write to Adult Swim?

Link Soup
* Arnold Schwarzenegger has eliminated funding for domestic violence shelters in California. Yes. He didn't just cut it. He removed it entirely. Californians, click here to tell your state government how screwed up that is!
* I don't know what to say about International Blog Against Racism Week! So I link you to ibarw, which has many wonderful posts on the matter.
* Ragtime covers of '80s songs. <3

Daily Science
Evidence of liquid water in comets reveals possible origin of life: Comets contained vast oceans of liquid water in their interiors during the first million years of their formation, a new study claims.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: A tank top with a gryphon on it. What? I just got up.
Reading: Queen Isabella: She-Wolf of France, Queen of England, by Alison Weir; Amazon Ink by Lori Devoti.
Writing: I intend to do the second draft of "My Empire for Ashes" today - going to have to add a few thousand words after all, and make some references more obvious. Must also choose which words I'm using for The Changeling's Alphabet. Tomorrow I'll work on a story that just popped up this week, another blend of sciencegeekery and mythology.
Planning: blogforbarcc housekeeping today, plus edits, plus arranging everything I need to arrange for next week. Tomorrow is a blissfully open day. Sunday, hanging out at kythryne's.


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