Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to cmpriest!

Woke up schvitzy in the middle of the night; had to put the AC on. You guys, no one told me before the move that MA doesn't believe in air conditioning. I'm just sayin'. I would've thought twice. Everyone asked if I could handle the cold, and yeah, I've got sweaters. No one said "Oh, by the way, we're the only place in the country that doesn't have central air, like, anywhere, and it gets over 100 degrees here; is that okay by you?"

So there's an anthology I'm interested in submitting to, but the deadline is Saturday, and - I have the Idea, but I don't have the execution, and that's mostly because I don't have a sense of the character. See my lament about a month ago about how I do better writing about characters than about ideas. But it's an idea anthology. I dunno. I feel like I ought to try. I'll let you know.

Oi, Bostonians!
Anyone else going roller-skating tonight?

Link Soup
* Better-than-average article on polyamory, from Newsweek. A lot of the comments... well, get your anti-poly bingo card out. :) But a lot of them are actually really good, and I feel that those on my side are acquitting themselves well, which is a good feeling.
* Dude. Check this out.
* Nifty coffee-cup art!
* We were talking about sex workers the other day - here's a good post about them.
* Nifty architectural art!

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Physicists develop multifunctional storage device for light.
* A printable battery may soon hit the street in a cost-effective, but large scale.
* The Incredible Aqualung of the Diving Bell Spider.

Must decide if I'm writing that story. If so, write it. If not, write something else. Also, my current knitting project is close to finished, and could conceivably be finished today. And tonight? Roller skating! But a nap somewhere in there, because I am still weary.
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