Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

One Song

I'm gonna cheat, because I'm linking to two more songs.

So last week? thegreenyear shared Storm Large's awesome video for "Eight Miles Wide" (NSFW, but brilliant!) on Facebook. I had a "Why did no one in Portland tell me about this person who has apparently been around for years? You have failed me!" moment.

And I clicked on "related videos", and discovered "Ladylike", and dude! Downloaded. Listened obsessively. Went back and downloaded tons of stuff.

Which is how I discovered my new favorite song, which I had to play three times on the way home last night because it makes me so bouncy.

"Under You".

So much love!

And I listen, and it brings to mind old lovers I never stopped loving, just transitioning from Relationship into playful friendship (and sometimes more); it reminds me of the way Layne held me and of B. singing as he drove and otherAdam's sly grin, and I am so lucky, because all that love never went away, it just transmuted. There doesn't have to be a villain and a victim. Sometimes it's two people who love each other but aren't meant to be life partners. And sometimes you find yourself in that person's bed again, but with no pressure, and lots of laughing (but no pointing!), and the comfort that comes with being old lovers and dear friends.

And so I hear this, and I dance to this, and I see your eyes, hear your laugh, and I could love you always, and I will love you always.

Switching gears:

It also reminds me of Jessa. Because when she and Seth break up, she takes a deep breath and she books it out of town, gets a convertible and just drives. And oh, man, is this a driving song!

She has a wander and sorts herself out; she sees the country outside of Shayara, and ends up at the Sanctuary for a little while and takes a lover, and she goes home to Shayara eventually - and she and Seth ease their way back into being best friends, and the rest of her life is pretty damn happy, if shorter than it ought to be.

Switching gears:

And like I said, it's a driving song. And I might get to go on a road trip soon. And we will be goofy and sing and get our hair all tangled up with the windows down.

And I'm lucky.

What's your song today?
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