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Odin's Day

Impaired sleep again last night; that's two nights in a row, and means I'll be napping after morning posts.

If you won an auction, you do have to register to sponsor me through, and you have to do it by Friday. Auctions are unusual for Blogathon, and to ward off any sign of impropriety, I really do have to do things by the book. Well, the book that we're writing as we're doing it. I've had a few people ask if they can just give me the money, and no, I can't be touching it.

Here's that link. will send you a link to send your money to BARCC... probably this weekend, since sponsorships close Friday. Tell me when you get it? I like to keep track of these things.

Free Will Astrology
Uncle Rob says: "Internet addiction has risen to epidemic proportions in China. In early 2009, psychologists in Shandong province began offering an alleged cure that involved the use of electro-shock therapy. Parents of 3,000 young people paid Dr. Yang Yongxin and his team over $800 a month to hook their anesthetized teens up to machines that sent electricity through their brains to induce artificial seizures. After four months, the Chinese government intervened and halted the treatment, noting that there was no evidence it worked. This practice might sound comically barbaric to you, but I think it has a certain resemblance to the way you have been dealing with your own flaws and excesses: with inordinate force. In the coming weeks, I really think it's important not to punish yourself for any reason, Pisces, even if it's in a supposedly good cause. The lesson of the Chinese experiment is: not only is it overkill, it also doesn't even have the desired effect. "

Problem I've never really had before: having to decide how much yarn/which yarn/which needles to take on a trip.

I can see where the "twists" are fairly predictable, but it's the acting that does it for me anyway, and that was superb. Goo movie. :)

Link Soup
* How to make a D12 bag. And a d20.
* Meet Cybraphon - the autonomous emotional robot band.
* I love this page of Finder.
* The <href="">Peter Pan guy got married</a>!

Daily Science
A look inside an extrasolar planet.

Oh, man, I am *exhausted*. So I am going to nap. There's be a "one song" post when I wake up, and then I need to get to work on a story that I have the idea for, but I'm still poking at the execution; I am hoping for an experience like "Valentines", where I write the first sentence and then the story just comes out, just like it ought to look. I can hope. It's happened before. And I have been very good and deserve it.

But for now, sleep.
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