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Tew's Day!

Ugh, hard time staying asleep last night - combination of too-warm room and auction excitement. Today's a nap day.

The auctions are over, and the winners have been notified.

Total raised before auction: $1,781.26
Total raised via auction: $1,960.49
Grand total so far: $3,741.75.


That's a new record. *dances*

Apparently you can still sponsor me through Friday. In past years it's been Tuesday, but says Friday this year. And remember, you can sponsor me now and pay o your Friday paycheck!


If we get up to $5,000, I will do... something awesome. I don't know what. I'll think of something.

As for incentives, I'll e-mail the stories and do the drawing this upcoming weekend, once sponsoring has closed. :)

Life with 'song and Elayna
Elayna comes home from her friend's house with a bag of Girl Scout cookie sales incentives: "I got a pony!"
Me: "You got a pony? I want a pony!"
Elayna, smugly: "You didn't sell Girl Scout cookies."
Me: "Oh yes I did."
Elayna: "Oh. Yeah, you did. Here. You can have the pony."

Asked her if she was sure; she said yeah, to her it's just Yet Another Stuffed Animal. And she still has the shirt, the patch, the bag, the bracelet kit, etc.

My daughter gave me a pony!

This morning, she came down muttering, "I have the police song from Pirates of Penzance in my head, and all I know of it is the 'taran-tara'!"
Adam: "All I know is "Modern Major-General."
Me: *sings the first line*
Elayna: "How did you do that?!?"
Me: "...what?"
Elayna: "Sing it so fast!"
Me: "Well, that's the way it goes!"

I ended up singing the whole thing for her. She boggled. I was amused. Oh hai. Mama can has enunciation.

Link Soup
* An open letter to the SF community re: the Ellison/Bradford incident. Read it. Sign it. I did.
* Curious about the incident itself? Here. :)
* Fantastic post about internalized racism.
* Poem of the day.
* Half-off sale on Finder vol. 1! Trust me. You want this.
* rosefox has some excellent preliminary-planning lists up at readercon; she seems to really be turning the place around. Pop over there and give her your thoughts!
* Exploding water balloons!

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Electronic tattoo display runs on blood.
* Researchers at MIT and Carnegie Mellon are developing programmable matter: material consisting of tiny machines that can be reconfigured into many different shapes.
* Food dye ‘may help cure spinal injuries but will turn patients blue’.

I have a day to myself! I get writing time! Also date night tonight. :) For now, I go for a walk before it heats up too much.
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