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Happy birthday to fjm!

Hello to new readers gynocide and jagette227!

Well, I'm tired, but that was to be expected. :) Slept from 9:30-6pm, then from 11-7am...

All in all, that was a great Blogathon! Just the right number and balance of people. As I Twittered during the 'thon, "I totally don't want to punch people!" Which I totally did want to do last year.

I'll do a separate post about Blogathon, but really quick - I'm at $1,614.00, you can still sponsor me, and the blogforbarcc auctions are running through 11:59pm EST tonight.

How did people like this Blogathon format?

A Note of Breakups in General
It is worthy of note that the last three people I broke up with, prior to last week's breakup, were so low-drama that plenty of you didn't even know about it. Unless you encountered us in person, in which case you'd've heard "Oh, yeah, we're not dating anymore, but we're still friends." Two of those people pimped my Blogathon, two donated (the other one hasn't started his new job yet, so he's low-cash), and all three popped in either in person or via chat to cheer me on and wish me luck.

So that's what a Shadesong breakup *usually* looks like. The last breakup I had that had any kind of drama like this was the one where the guy spent an entire con weekend sneaking around and cheating on me, and dumped me via public LJ post. And that was January '05.

So draw what conclusions you will, with the knowledge of my usual relationship-end-y-ness.

Looking my Age, y/n?
Watched an episode of Gilmore Girls with Elayna yesterday - the one where Lorelai turns 35. It always startles me when characters on TV are my age, because I feel like I look younger than them. And I was musing over whether this is true, or whether I just think that because I feel young. Googling reveals that Lauren Graham was 37 during that season, but that's not that big a difference. So I was all "hmm." Because anyway, it's not just Gilmore Girls, it's everything.

Serendipitously, the lovely csecooney posted pictures on her Facebook account from our Saturday-night-at-Readercon singing circle.

So - if you didn't know my age, what age would you guess me at?

(Also, this pic brought out a surprised "Hey! I'm pretty!". I usually do not photograph well. Ms. Cooney presumably received the Gift of Photography from the faeries at her christening.
Also also, just generally surprised and pleased that I did not look like crap, as this was about 10pm on a night when I'd been like I'm tired and want to go home by 5.)

Link Soup
* Locals: Auditions at Theatre @ First. I'm pondering asking if any of the alto roles would suit a 14-year-old. I need to find a community theater for Elayna.
* ysobelle is collecting Yo Mama/Doctor Who jokes.
* Migraineurs - new study.

Daily Science
Scientists are closer to understanding how to grow replacement bones with stem cell technology, thanks to research published today in the journal Nature Materials.

Make Blogathon summing-up post, finish tidying (although Adam and Mark did a great job there), pack the BPAL that I never got around to packing last week because of arrghdrama, photograph BPAL for eBay, hopefully get eBay auctions up. Because my swapbox is huge, and I just want it out of the damn house.

Also, need to make plans with people for this week, and do the final pro/con list for PiCon. The pros are mostly people. The cons are also mostly people, in that if I go to PiCon, I won't have much time in Florida. That's the biggest thing. I was in Florida for chunks of April, August I think?, October, and a lot of December last year. And I was totally sick of it by the end! But I haven't been at all this year, and some of my best friends are there, and I miss them. If I stay longer, I'll also have more of a chance to see friends and family in Central and North Florida, which would be very difficult to swing otherwise.

The other con of PiCon? Location, location. It's not even in Massachusetts this year. Is there any sort of public transportation that even goes to Enfield, CT? And then there's hotel money...

Yeah, it's feeling like PiCon is more trouble than it's worth. I need to discuss it with Elayna tonight before making a formal decision, though.

Also I should work on "My Empire for Ashes" edits, and see if I'm going to try something for something that has a deadline of 8/1.
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