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Wind Tunnel Dreams

A Food basket assembled by lifecollage:

Stories are nourishment for the soul....but what happens when the bodies gets a mite peckish? They open up this fantastic basket of WTD-inspired goodies and dig in to the bounty!

A sturdy and spacious basket will be filled to the brim with coffee, tea, cookies and bread -- four foods that are frequent characters in Shira's stories -- and a few special treats from other tales. We''ll have the rich coffee of Tyka's shop (deep within Shayara's walls) and the Earl Grey Tea of "spiders spinning lace," the fresh-baked cookies of Mama Rina's kitchen and the simple earthy bread of "wool and silk and wood." You'll feast upon the treasured meals of Wind Tunnel Dreams past, present and future. Approximate contents include:

Four flavors of whole bean coffee, approximately 1/2 pound of each
A small selection of teas
Two types of bread
Several flavors of cookies, including cinnamon for Capri and chocolate chip for Nanahuatl
A few choice apples, golden and otherwise
Banana bread, for the Angel of Fremont Street
...and some surprises tucked into the corners...

Harry & David wish they could assemble a repast of story and sustenance like this one.

Items are from such keen local and nonlocal businesses as Iggy's, When Pigs Fly, and Whole Foods.

Click here to bid!


When Mama Rina bakes the world
she rolls it out flat
on the kitchen counter,
and the flour sprays onto her black dress -
that is what stars are, you know.
The flour on Mama Rina's dress.
It sparkles there as she moves,
dances between counters
and the stove.

When Mama Rina bakes the world
she does it with her hands -
no fancy tools, no gauges
rolling worlds in her hands
til they look just right.
She pours melted sugar,
for the rivers and oceans,
and presses in spices
for continents,
cloves for mountains.

When Mama Rina bakes the world
she bakes the animals, too -
all sorts of silly beasts
scattered on the cookie sheets.

And Mama Rina bakes the people
best of all,
making us sweet and spicy,
making us sharp and full,
and it is she who decides when we are done -

And that is why
you must not bite your brother
even though he looks so delicious
with his currant eyes.

Somewhere, three sisters who are no longer queens are learning to spin and weave from a grandmother who is no longer lonely. Somewhere, a man soars high on gryphonback, leaving his old life behind. Somewhere, a nymph finds the sea. Somewhere, the ringmaster is in the pit with the snakes.

Worlds end.
Worlds begin.

The bone chimes rattle in the nest of thorns.

Somewhere, the Hypothetical may be dreaming it all.

And here, and now, your storyteller sits, cat on lap. She has given you thirty stories in almost thirty worlds; she has taken you to deep space, to the comfortable SF-pulp past, through horror and through joy, through captivity and freedom.

She thanks you for reading, and encourages you to tell your friends; she reminds you with a flick of her eyes that there is a tip jar, if you liked the stories. She smiles, and she bows.

I maintain at $1,402.24. SPONSOR ME! You can sponsor me through Tuesday, I believe.

Auctions run at blogforbarcc through 11:59pm EST on Monday. Go bid! (Thanks to all of the wonderful artists/crafters/musicians who donated their wonderful creations!)

Team Venture is me, zarhooie, mllelaurel, nevacaruso, thesilentpoet, and jennaria - please go catch up on everyone's posts, and sponsor them for their hard work!

Support staff is emilytheslayer, yendi, and feste_sylvain - kicking ass, taking names, keeping Team Venture fed and functional, and we love them!

Thanks also to visitors swashbucklr, wired_lizard, pookit, and mgrasso, who kept our spirits up through this long slog! And also to our faithful commenters!

Thanks also to Max, Jack, and Victoria, the official Team Venture cats!

And thanks to s00j, whose golden voice carried us through, from Tam Lin to the Cheshire Kitten.

(And RIP Frank, our faithful, melted mascot.)

We have been Team Venture. It has been our pleasure to bust our asses to raise money for causes that are so important to us. Thank you for reading, and thank you for sponsoring.

In the grand tradition of Team Venture: It's over. Thank fuck.

We are going to sleep.
Tags: blogathon.2009
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