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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
26th-Jul-2009 07:00 am

Persephone Mask by ioianthe of The Uncommon Facade.

his mask blends together all the traditional symbols of the goddess Persehone... the veil is both her marriage veil and death shroud, she is consistently depicted with a sheaf of wheat, and of course the pomegranate seeds that sealed her fate! This piece is one of a kind (thus far), and not made to order, so unlike other items in my store is sold as-is. If you would like to order a custom piece in this style, please contact me! Made out of 4oz veg-tanned leather, with pomegranate like beads nestled into casings of polymer clay, and copper wire mimicking the long ends of a wheat sheaf.

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Persephone earrings by spoothbrush of Possible Daydreams.

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She leans forward to line her eyes,
sharp precise angles of jet,
and the earrings brush her shoulders.
Long trails of silver
with three dangling garnets on each.
I did not give her those earrings.

"Where did you get those?"
I ask,
trying for casual
and missing by a beat of my heart.

She looks at me slantwise,
frozen before the mirror,
shifts her weight to one side,
"A friend."
She looks away too quickly.

I sit and watch her work,
sweeping shadow over her lids,
weaving lace into her hair.
I try not to ask, but it slips out - "...a boy?"

She rolls her lips,
distributing lipstick,
buying time.
She looks at me,
looks at my reflection in the mirror.
"Trust me, Mom,

I do.
I always have.
She is good, my daughter,
and has good friends.
But this world can be hard,
and dark,
and so cold.

I remember my daughter as a little girl,
bright in spring,
radiant in summer;
I remember us hand in hand in the park,
the orchard, the theater.
We have always been close.

But now her friends,
now the clubs.
Now a boy I have not met,
giving her earrings,
six hard little gems
brushing her bare shoulders.

Now the time for me to step back
and let her dance,
and let her choose.

She hugs me.
"I'll come home," she whispers.
"I'll always come home."

And I embrace her
and release her
because part of loving her is letting her go.

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Am back downstairs; the stench has cleared a bit. Am very drowsy, though.

Lily: "Oh, there we go; phantom tail to the right of me. Cat hallucinations have begun."

Mark is regaling us with tales of the circus.

Earrings in silver and garnet, sterling silver ear wires.
26th-Jul-2009 11:01 am (UTC) - Monitor Tina
Only two hours to go! Hang in there!
26th-Jul-2009 11:13 am (UTC)
And now less than that!

And...and I was about to try and sound profound, but that would've been a bad idea after I've been up for, let's see, TWENTY-THREE HOURS JEEZUS. Profound's not gonna happen. Not even profound-ish.

But I like and understand this poem.
26th-Jul-2009 11:20 am (UTC)
Aww... I love this one...

You're on the home stretch! Keep going!

*shakes pom poms*
26th-Jul-2009 11:22 am (UTC)
almost there - you have just over 90 minutes left now; i know you can make it

and the poem is beautiful (i wish my mom had understood that when i was young enough to appreciate it)
26th-Jul-2009 11:23 am (UTC)
It's hard, realizing that part of loving a child is letting them go...
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