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Spring Skipped Town

"Ostara" necklace by azhure of Raven's Dreaming.

Ostara features an antiqued brass pendant featuring a female figure with long flowing hair; the pendant is approximately 25 x 27mm.

Two rows of Czech firepolished crystal attach to fine antiqued brass chain via delicate floral motifs. An extension chain is finished with matching crystals.

Length is adjustable from 40 - 52cm. All findings are antiqued brass (nickel free).

Click here to bid!


Spring ran away from home.
We didn’t notice the first year -
Just a long, bitter winter, we said.
Just an extra-fierce summer.

The second year, we began to suspect.
Snow in May,
Hard rain in August.

The third year, we tracked her down
Posing in some studio in SF.
Draped in silk and passionflower vines,
Tendrils in her hair.
She refused to return.
“Why should I?
I am so fleeting, there.
So brief.
And always a maiden.
I never get to become.
I’m just Summer’s opening act,
Burned out as he ascends.
Let me be.
Here I can be young forever.”

We tried to beg,
Offer anything she might want,
But she refused and ascended the dais,
Draped herself over a floral chaise
And practiced a come-hither look.

And home,
winter and summer battled,
Roads cracked and creeks flooded.

In the end, it was Summer who did it.
He followed her,
The small flowers that grew in her footprints.
He stood at the back of the studio
Until she noticed him.
He knelt,
Arms full of blossoms.

He told her how he missed her.
He told her how he felt,
Stepping aside for Autumn;
He told her how he felt,
The joy at seeing her every year,
Flaring into heat.

He said “Listen-
You get to come back.
Every year, winter fades
And you come back,
Seedlings pushing through the frost,
An act of defiance.
You always come back.
So come back.”

Last we saw,
He’d tucked a flower behind her ear,
And they were dancing.



I really need coffee. But I'm trapped up here. Maybe I can try going down in another half hour.

Jack just jumped into the hamper.
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