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When Alice Fell

9x12" print of "Late" by aaronace.

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When Alice fell
back to the world,
she did not fall completely.
One small window
in the back of her mind
stayed propped open,
sifting oddness in
like moonlight.

The doctors released her
when she disavowed the playing cards,
the chess pieces,
the waistcoats on the rabbits
that darted still just out of sight,
caring not a fig
if she acknowledged them.

She learned to tell what was normal
and not speak of what wasn’t.
We’re all mad here, always
whether we say the words or no.

She painted the Jabberwock,
the croquet matches,
the tea parties.
She was lauded for her imagination,
and never said
where she got her ideas.

When Alice fell again,
she was older than the Queen, the Hatter.
She lived her time.
When Alice fell again,
down the spiralling stair,
when she fell and fell
and fell forever
the last thing to fade
was her smile.


Man, I wish I had s00j's "Cheshire Kitten" on my computer.

There is a fly here. It is driving us crazy.

Team Venture wants bacon ice cream.

Kat: "I don't even know what I'm saying!"

Kat: "Okay whatever it's not my fault this time. Is all I have to say."

My tendinitis is starting to twinge.
Tags: blogathon.2009
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