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Shayara - Katrina necklace (My Empire for Ashes)

Is is chalcedony? Is it glass? We're not sure, but it's pretty, and it's by glinda_w. 20", with sterling wire and clasp.

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They found her an apartment and a job, both via the bulletin board at Tyka’s. The apartment was a third-floor walkup in House Tamra’s territory, walking distance from Alexander’s apartment; the job was at Vanya’s Vinyl, a record store a few blocks over from Tyka’s - one of the twisty side streets that was becoming the new downtown. Katrina didn’t play an instrument of her own, but she loved the music of others, and she loved digging through the old stock and discovering new-to-her big band and doo-wop. She became adept at recommending music to customers, and her boss, a bellicose old Russian, praised her to the high heavens; it made her blush every time. He gave Alexander a knowing nudge and wink whenever he picked Katrina up from work, and he learned to nod and smile back.

Katrina decorated her apartment sparsely, mostly with things picked up from Kelly’s Ephemera. Junk-shop treasures. She framed her windows with bright plastic beads that caught the sunset and threw rainbows around the room. The furnishings were simple - the couch, bed, tables, and chairs that had come with the apartment. A record player. A bookcase. It did not look lived-in. When he asked her about personalizing it further, she would shrug and change the subject.

She doubted her permanence. She never said anything to that effect, but he read it in her apartment, in the things she never spoke of. When he finally asked her, her eyes welled up, but she did not cry. “I promise,” she said. “I’m not going anywhere.”

He tried not to doubt. Her world seemed so alien to him - a chaotic, often contradictory jumble of laws and and ways of life. He thought his world might be much the same to her. The more they talked about her life before, the more confused he became. He thought he knew about the human world; he’d certainly lived in it many a time, and he’d read extensively. She grew frustrated with him often, with his inability to intuit things about her background. For his part, he tried to be more patient - Dasaroi were accustomed to outsiders arriving here and having to be taught or re-taught their ways, after all. So this was nothing new to him. Not in concept, at least. Whereas Katrina was dealing with full immersion in a culture that was alien to her.

Still at $1,362.24. Can we get to $1,500 tonight? SPONSOR ME!

Green is the color of House Tamra. We have two House Tamra necklaces; this simpler one suits Katrina.

You guys, I still have energy. This is the difference that getting off Lyrica makes. I really had no idea just how sedated I was.

Team Venture is being vicious about crappy authors.

2 hours til Mark gets here!

And yes, I took my evening meds. Minus the Lunesta. Because that would be monumentally stupid.

Lily says: "By the law of XKCD, all of my posts should be "You're a kitty!"
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