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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Places You Haunt

Recycled plastic yarn bag knitted by stringmonkey.

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The second-floor apartment across from Wendy's never could seem to hold onto a tenant for more than a few months at a time. It had housed a private detective, a stripper, a self-proclaimed chaos mage, a ballerina, and a cellist all in the span of a single year. Diverse and strange things were always turning up in closets and cupboards there, long after their owners had gone.

When the ballerina left, she left behind two sets of knitting needles and a considerable pile of yarn. Kaylin happily inherited these, having been taught to knit by the ballerina, and she turned out an endless supply of garter-stitched scarves.

Until the yarn ran out. Then? She got creative. Doodle came home one day to find her midway through a scarf made of one of his old Grateful Dead t-shirts, which Kaylin had methodically torn into thin strips and knotted together.

Arthur wisely removed her from the apartment. From then on, he took her salvaging with him - found her things that she could safely make other things with, without destroying Doodle's clothing.


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Nine more hours.

My daughter is hilarious. Also, she sang "The Christians and the Pagans" at the Explo coffeehouse last night! Also, she has ZOMG and ROFL scrawled on her knuckles.
Tags: blogathon.2009
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