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Custom wool baby pants by magenta_girl.

The longies represent a style of longies I'd be happy to make for someone (with a design stitched on the bum--I didn't make this pair), and the shorties are representative of my work, so people can see that I know what I'm doing! I will knit a pair of infant/toddler longies in a custom size for the winner, either in a striped pattern like the jolly roger pair, or with variegated yarn, their choice. If they choose variegated I'll send pictures of the yarn I have available, otherwise I'll let them pick the colors for striped longies. I don't know if it matters, but custom longies generally run $60 and up for a pair. I use really good, soft wool, and will prep longies for wear if desired. These are generally designed to be worn over cloth diapers, as wool is very absorbent and stink-repellant!

Click here to bid!


Petra batiked a basic white baby sling, and people got used to seeing Doodle-and-Kaylin everywhere - laughing baby strapped to goofy guy. She picked up nicknames - Doodlette, Doodlecita. She was the darling of a group that had never had a darling… fawned upon in coffeeshops and studios. She wore Petra-dyed dresses until she went through a phase of wanting to wear denim overalls like Doodle. She may have worn overalls every day of her toddlerhood. She was wearing them when she took her first steps - pulling herself up on the easel Arthur had helped Doodle bolt to the wall and launching herself across the apartment at him, one two three and falling into his lap, grinning. She was unstoppable from then on, mastering the stairs quickly and wanting nothing more than to drop in on her neighbors all day. Doodle bought cheap white t-shirts for her in bulk, because she was forever spattering them with Petra’s dyes or Wendy’s clay.

It was setting up Kaylin’s bedroom that brought Petra and Arthur together, Doodle thought. Arthur carved a bed, a monster of a four-poster with animals carved into the posts. The animals were carved with variable success. Petra, affixing the canopy, fell into helpless giggles at Arthur’s rendition of a platypus. Arthur retaliated with tickles. And Kaylin emerged from the room triumphantly announcing “Atha kiss Petta!”

She went on Arthur’s bike-messenger route with him, golden hair streaming out behind her Hello Kitty helmet, sometimes tipped with the colors Arthur used on his mohawk. She made pinch bowls with Wendy and curtains for her room with Petra.

But mostly she was Doodle’s girl, toddling along behind him with her own sketchpad and pencils, wearing paint-spattered overalls and tiny battered Chucks - saying “Wait! Wait!” and thumping down on the ground butt-first to draw whatever small thing had caught her eye. Doodle, who had always focused on people, found himself also focusing on the things Kaylin saw from her much-shorter vantage point - the water stain that looked like an angel, the arc of the manzanita in the front yard, the dance of the ribbons on the back porch.

And Doodle had a family for the first time in his life.


Still at $1,177.24. Who will get me to $1,200? Will it be you? SPONSOR ME!

Team Venture is anime-geeking.

Lily: "Tomorrow I will dead. Dead will be a verb, and I will do it."

Elayna is sitting literally at my feet - and Gchatting me.

Adam's off to bed; Emily has napped and is back on duty. Mark is due at 4.

Team Venture: slipjig says: I tried personal-messaging this to folks, but I think I may have screwed it up, so reprinting here: Hi! I'm sending the following message to anyone doing Blogathon tonight: I'm reinstating the Hat of Destiny! If you need an idea for a Blogathon post, ping me on AIM or e-mail me, and I will randomly select a topic from the list I started making up while bored off my ass at work. All topics are list headings, stuff like "Top 10 Songs to Get Drunk To" or "Top 10 Things Not to Feed Your Cat" (10 items is preferred, but you can do more or less than 10 as necessary, at your discretion).
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