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this smells like him

Blooddrop Huile de Parfum is hand-blended perfume oil available in a large selection of blends. They can be used on the skin as a traditional scent, mixed into your favorite body product or used as a room scent. Scents are made with a jojoba oil base and come in 5ml bottles. Donated by Astrid.

Diabolique: A wicked little core glossed over with a misleading bat of the eyelashes. A blend of richly spiced woods and ambers, red musk, vanilla musk, cinnamon leaf, dark patchouli, ginger, vetiver, honey galore, allspice, myrrh, almond and golden herbs.

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I saw him as soon as I emerged from the tunnel - an elegant enormous beast, settled on his haunches, limned by the sunrise. His feathers ruffled slightly in the breeze. "Agent Scott, I presume," he rumbled without turning to face me.

"Galen," I acknowledged, approaching the gryphon slowly. "How did you know it was me?"

He gave a wry huff. "Any of the others would've shot first and asked questions later. How did you know which of the tunnels I was actually using?"

"It smelled like you."

At that, he turned. "What do I smell like to you?"

I picked up a shed feather. "Musky, of course. But also... like amber. And saffron."

"Saffron." He flexed his powerful wings. "I think I like that."


He huffed again, this time in annoyance. "I know. I have to go back."

"I'm sorry."

"I wanted the fresh air, is all."

"I know."

"And I want to fly."

"You can't. The collar -"

"I know. Would shock me dead. Can't risk the rest of the world seeing the monsters."

"You're not monsters. You're wonders."

Galen regarded me skeptically. "You still feel that way? Even after your encounter with the sirens?"

"Even so." I reached up and scratched Galen under the collar, the only spot he could never get to, and he hissed in contentment. "Maybe not the sirens; they still scare the shit out of me. But the rest of you? Wonders."

"Agent Scott?"

"Yes, Galen?"

"Promise me something, will you? When imprisonment becomes more than I can bear... let me fly."

"Even though -"

"Even though. I would rather die flying than live in a cage, Agent Scott."

I rested my head against his wing, breathing in his warm soft scent - saffron and amber, cinnamon and musk. "I promise." And inwardly, I promised something else - that I'd find the code to unlatch Galen's collar. To let him fly and live - to release all of the wonders (expect perhaps the sirens). There is not enough magic in this world.

Galen bobbed his head and stood, stretching. "We can go back now." And I led the gryphon back to his cage.


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Okay, so he doesn't smell diabolical, but - the notes are very him. I <3 Galen.

emilytheslayer is spinning yarn for "wool and silk and wood" as we speak! And human Tory is cuddling cat Tori.

Lily: "Oh, ass, I'm getting hair in my tea."

Much love to all my fellow Blogathonners!

Elayna just got home. First thing she said: "Okay, I gotta see Frank. OmiGAWD."
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