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Galen - from "Flying Lessons"

A far-off gryphon in flight, by sweetevangeline. 4x5" acrylic painting.

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“Not far out of the city-states’ borders, you can see the forest coming back. There are bears ambling down the streets, hawks overhead. There are fields of dandelions, overfull rivers. Reclaimed plains. Wilderness. Long stretches of it between your jam-packed, locked-tight cities. Nothing but me and my cousin and all the wild that was here before man, taking back its own.

“It was out there that I saw the gryphon - my head tipped back to watch the clouds amble past, and here’s this shot of gold going past, whirling about, sweeping in to take our measure. He landed easy beside us and nodded, and I nodded right back - wouldn’t you?

“Turns out he’s not the only one. He says they’re re-forming their colonies up in the mountains. Says there’s all manner of weird wonders up there, scattered around - that now that the humans are all sequestered and not plugging the holes where myth seeps out, their world is getting freer and freer.

“Ever wonder where stories come from? Bedtime stories, fairy tales, the things Hollywoodland started with? All stories are true. Just like all the best lies have a seed of truth. Myths and stories and all of that, they seep out of the world, into dreams, into action. They become books and movies and weavings and patterns, gryphons and shapeshifters and unicorns.

“And hope.

“There is a whole world outside of here, outside of car graveyards and nightclubs and nanofibers and performance drugs. The city has got you locked in tight, cousins, locked into this swirl of little machines. They told you you needed to be here, for your own safety. Well, maybe that was so in the beginning, but it’s been a lie for a long time now.

“I flew with the gryphon. Flew for glorious miles, watching the country spread out beneath me, all rippling greens - and saw the cities, dull steel blots on that green. And I had to come here.”

This is an excerpt from "Flying Lessons", which will be a webcomic by me and charitypomaybo. I really need to get to work on scriptifying it!


The couch contingent of Team Venture wishes it to be known that they are on a boat, motherfucker.

Question answered! Or, well, comment answered.

comment on this story please

*sigh* I think it's awful. False accusations of rape can destroy the lives of the wrongfully accused.

And they make it that much harder for people who have been raped, because they contribute to that pernicious awful myth about false accusations. When we ar not believed, it is directly because of people like this doing things like this.

And I stress again that these things are so rare. But when one of them sweeps the news, it makes the rest of us less likely to believed, and in some cases less likely to come forward at all.

One of the most potent sentences in a rapist's verbal arsenal is "No one will believe you."
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